A manufacturer of pipe welding, cutting and bevelling machines, pipe tools and accessories

Specialized Fabrication Equipment Group (S .F.E . Group) is the best illustration of how bringing together leading manufacturers under one roof can contribute to technological progress .
Formed by the merger of four companies in the US, UK and France, the group offers a wide range of pipe cutting and bevelling machines, orbital welding machines, purging solutions, pipe
stands and pipe clamps through six brands: Mathey Dearman, B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools, TAG Pipe Equipment Specialists, AXXAIR , PPM Pipe Purge Masters and Fit- up pro. The main purpose of its machines is to help their customers achieve excellence, pipe working productivity, repeatability and quality.

Although the Group was established in 2019, all the member companies have over 20 years of experience, tallying up combined to 129 years. S.F.E . Group caters for industries that require machines or systems for the manufacture and maintenance of tubes and pipes of all types. Its main customers come from the power industry, oil and gas industries, shipbuilding industries, nuclear energy sector, pharmaceutical, civil construction, mining, petrochemical industries, aviation industry, food and beverage industries, and refineries .
In April 2023, S .F.E Group has become an A ssociate member of the International Pipeline & Offshore Contractors A ssociation (IPLOCA ). This establishes further the group as an international company contributing significantly to the development of new ideas, techniques and equipment essential to the execution of pipeline projects .

The group values a long-term, quality relationship with end- users and through its ex tensive distribution network. Its team is committed to advise and find the most adapted pipe working solutions to its customers’ specific needs to ensure the success in their project.
In addition to their machines and accessories for tube processing, the group also offers a range of support services, such as installation, training, and ongoing technical support, to help their
customers get the most out of their equipment. Overall, Specialized Fabrication Equipment Group is an industry leader in advanced manufacturing solutions. With their focus on innovation, quality, and customer service, they are well-positioned to continue delivering exceptional value to their clients for years to come.