Camec sorting plants: designed for your needs

Camec complete plants for solid waste treatment and transformation are functional technological solutions, custom built to meet the needs of each client and to recover secondary raw materials of high purity and high quality.
Camec has spent 30 years designing and building sorting plants for manual selection of recycled materials: customised solutions created specifically for sorting plants, lines and cabins with installation and testing carried out in production plants all over the world.

All Camec plants can be fully customised by the client in every detail. Each line is designed and sized according to the requirements and the needs ex pressed by each disposal centre.
The MSW sorting and shredding plant is primarily composed of 5 machines / systems . Waste loading onto the infeed conveyor is facilitated by a 2-metre below- ground starting section flush withthe floor surface. The waste is then transferred to the bag opener, where specially designed blades open the bags, distributing the material and allowing the contents to drop onto a second belt. Camec has developed various models of bag openers, designed to assist manual waste sorters and make their work more effective, resulting in major gains in overall performance of the sorting plant. The High-Powered Waste Crushers in the LC520 line are particularly suitable for municipal landfills or collection centres, requiring a combination of high performance and low energy consumption.
These waste crushers are equipped with a large loading hopper that acts as an accumulation chamber and simplifies the work of plant operators

The bag openers in the A S 450 line are equipped with blades designed to disgregate reducing the volume of the material, an essential feature to treat and unpack uncompacted waste such as MSW in bags . The MSW shredder is equipped with a material level sensor that controls the infeed conveyor speed.
The material then passes through a disk screen that separates the organic fraction, after which it is transferred to the sorting cabine where the operators select their assigned materials (paper, plastic, PET, wood, etc …).

The process continues as the belt moves forward until reaching a magnetic separator that removes the ferrous component.
The sorted waste and the waste remaining on the belt fall into the respective collection bins placed previously under the sorting cabine.
Correct waste treatment is a fundamental requirement of our society and a strategy of responsibility for Camec and our people: from design to implementation, a sorting plant is the starting point of a series of highly positive processes that foster health, environmental protection, economic growth, and improvements in personal well- being for all individuals .

At Camec we take pride in our workmanship, ex pressed year after year in the production of complete MSW treatment and transformation plants, making a contribution directly in the field to max imise the health of people and the environment, reducing CO2 emissions and creating virtuous recovery and recycling mechanisms to safeguard primary resources .