F.B. S.p.A. ITMI

The value of fieldwork experience
Customised solutions for the energy market of today and tomorrow

In highly-demanding sectors as Oil & G as and Energy, where safety- wise and environmental approaches must coex ist, having a plus is now more necessary than ever, due to the globally increasing demand of high-quality service.
The search for a real ‘integrator’, having not only the mandatory industry requirements and certifications, but also suitable equipment and fieldwork experience that makes the system safe, functional and efficient, it is a really critical task in the Italian scenario, characterized by increasing and generalised talent drain.
What End Users and OEM strive to find nowadays is a partner capable of proposing highly customised systems, based on simple and functional technological solutions, allowing cost optimization and waste reduction for engineering and construction, be it for a complex compressor skid or for an aux iliary system.

Being a fieldwork solution has always been the goal and the strength of F.B . spa, which has been designing and constructing specific packages and solutions for Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Energy sectors for more than 60 years, working side by side with its Customers .
Starting from detail engineering up to final testing, our ex perience in selecting valuable technical solutions, in order to achieve high-quality levels and functionality, is one of the strong points that our Customers appreciate and for which they entrust us important projects .
Founded in 1960 as a company specialized in steel structures and piping for the sugar refinery sector, under the name of “ITMI – Impianti Tubazioni Montaggi Industriali”, during the 1970s the Company ex perienced a significant growth, thanks to the golden era of oil&gas, petrochemical, water treatment sectors, ex panding its headquarters up to an area of 26.000sqm, entirely owned by the Balboni Family.
“In the late 1970s, following the severe crisis in the Italian sugar industry, a new era began for our Company,” ex plains G ianluca Balboni, Managing Director. “ The manufacturing and assembly of piping for nuclear power plants, the construction and assembly of air- cooler structures and the complete production of the first crankcases and compressor assemblies on behalf of the main European OEMs, required a fundamental feature: high quality workmanship. This was the key to our rapid growth: a C ompany reinvention that continues to this day and has allowed the constant improvement of internal skills and external collaborations .”

The Company, which during the80s changed its name into F.B . spa, is able to design and assemble complete compressor packages, including instrumental, electrical and pneumatic works, gas treatment systems, complete skids for auxiliary services, containerised solutions for natural gas, steel structures, pressure equipment, prefabricated piping and much more. Each job is dealt with in strict compliance with applicable regulations . When a Customer entrusts a project to F.B . spa, can count on a reliable partner, whom refer to during the entire job progress: from detail design to construction, passing through in-depth quality control phases, certification and testing before final installation at Site. Experience is our key to success.