What a dentist and a fighter jet have in common

With such simple statement one can describe company EKOM and its products diversity.
Company from Slovakia, excels in development and production of oil free compressors designed for use in many applications where dry and clean air is needed.
Wide range of technical parameters and flex ibility of company to develop special solutions, allow to use compressors or compressor pumps in various application e.g., health care, dentistry, transportation – especially in railway, food industry or with pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment. They help to pack the parachute for the fighter jet seat or to become a part of intelligent computerized training equipment for senior exercise, rehabilitation and wellness .

Thanks to unique design of compressor soundproofing cabinets, EKOM compressors are quiet enough, so it’s possible to place them directly into dentist office or nex t to patient on artificial
lung ventilation. At the same time, optimal heat management ensures that compressors can work non-stop, which is important for many applications but critically important for patients connected to respiratory devices . EKOM quality is well known and therefore it is very likely to see EKOM compressors combined with ventilators in hospitals or ICU worldwide.

Portfolio of products is still growing,  trying to adapt to customer needs .
Final products are tested in special chambers simulating tropical humidity and temperatures as well as Nordic winter conditions .
Therefore, EKOM compressors can be used in ex treme temperature conditions, with high humidity or in different altitudes. The most extreme installation conditions are in Africa and Middle East with ambient temperatures reaching + 40°C , or in Swiss Alps where special compressor is running at temperature -35 °C . The highest located compressor is in La Paz , Bolivia.
General requirement for the compressor is that it supplies clean, dry and oil free air. To meet this requirement, all EKOM compressors are oil free, equipped with intake filtration and with possibility to add filtration to achieve ex tremely clean air. Dry air is achievable commonly by using different drying technologies, that are part of EKOM product portfolio as well.
For this purpose, EKOM developed complete line of compressors with own adsorption dryers. This new line of compressors is designed for use wherever high demand on air quality is required.
EKOM compressor with adsorption dryer and filtration achieves drying -70°C PDP @ 9bar and filtration can be used down to 0,01 micron.
This high level of drying and  filtration is particularly required for extremely sensitive laboratory devices . Drying -40°C PDP @ 9bar and filtration including Active C oal and/or Hopcalite Cataly tic filter is used for pharmaceutical or medical purposes .

One of the fairly new products developed during pandemic years are A ir Treatment Units . Combination of cooler, dryer, water separator and filtration controlled by own electronics, independent from source of air, provides safer and cleaner air where needed.
A wide range of applications in connection with compressed air quality and oil-free technology ensures that EKOM compressors are sold on the international market.
Up to 99% of the company ’s production can be found in 125 countries around the world – from Europe and Middle East countries to faraway Asia and the countries of North and South America.
Company EKOM was established in 1992 by 6 design engineers and since then turned into a middle- sized company of 250 employees .

EKOM products are result of the company ’s own development activities, which is the company ’s core competence. Own internal testing labs, regulatory department and quality system management support ability of EKOM to create tailor made solutions for ex isting and new business partners. This way EKOM can meet demanding technical and regulatory requirements on the product. The ability to create is also supported by own sheet metal division focusing on the processing of thin sheet metals . It has helped the complex ity of the compressor production and produces various industrial cabinet components for telecommunication switchboards, electron microscopes, backup power supplies for IT, bank safes and other applications .