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icotek presents first 360° Distribution Box

The new icotek Distribution Box was presented for the first time at the sps 2022 in Nuremberg as a trade fair highlight. The DB Distribution Box is completely splittable and enables 360° cable entry and cable routing.
1 to 15 mm diameter cables with and without plugs are routed, sealed and, at the same time, relieved of strain in accordance with DIN EN 62444. Using multiple or single grommets (icotek K T-DT ), up to a max imum of 48 cables can be routed, thus achieving a very high packing density. The cables can be distributed 360° from the central
point in almost any desired direction.

icotek ’s Distribution Box fits standard metric cut-outs and is secured with an included lock nut.

Thanks to the screwable cover and the use of slotted cable grommets, subsequent retrofitting and service work is possible at any time without any problems .

The 360° cable entry can be combined in many ways with the K T grommet system and the hybrid IMAS CONNECT TM adapter system from icotek . This results in an extremely flex ible cable routing and cable entry system that can be assembled ex tra quickly.

The areas of application for the Distribution Box are very diverse!
Certifications such as ECOLAB, HL3 EN 45542-2 and RoHS have already been granted. The degree of protection is IP54 and the permitted temperature range is between -40°C and +140°C . The new icotek Distribution Box is made of polyamide and is halogen and silicone-free. Samples, certificates and further information are available directly from the manufacturer.

https://www.icotek.com/en/ products/distribution-box

Secured cable management made easy
The cable management specialist, icotek preents the new hook-and-loop tape fasteners, K BH-R and K BH-S . The new holders, in combination with the hook- a n d – l o o p tape cable
tie, offer a versatile alternative to conventional cable ties .
The K BH series is used for cable support and cable routing. The new hook-and-loop tape fasteners are now available for numerous mounting profiles .

The K BH-R hook-and-loop fasteners are mounted with a simple/ tool-free 90° twist lock . Whereas, the K BH-S hook and loop options are mounted with screws .
The K BH-R is a flex ible, two-part cable routing system and can be utilised for various mounting profiles: Rittal, MiniTec, Item, BoschRex roth and many more.
The tool-less 90° twist lock offers the user quick , easy and intuitive assembly.

The new icotek hook-and-loop holders offer maximum flexibility

Due to the two-part nature of the system, the upper part, or “cradle” of the cable holder can be installed parallel or perpendicular to the base, depending on the desired routing direction of the cable. If lines are removed or added at a later date, the “cradle” size can be easily adjusted – without dismantling the base.

The K BH-S hook-and-loop fastener, suitable for screw mounting, can be used universally and offers fast and secure assembly with a screw.
It is also very easy to remove or add cables as necessary.
The the hook-and-loop tie holders are available in three different plate sizes: 12, 24 and 36 mm.
The K BH-R and K BH-S compliment each other with icotek ’ hook-and-loop K LB and the cable tie K LK B .

Samples and further information are available directly from the manufacturer at www.icotek.com

More: https ://www.icotek .com/ en/products/cable -management/kbh