Oil-injected bare shaft screw compressors

T M.I.C . Srl Termomeccanica Industrial Compressors is the Italian leader in developing, manufacturing and commercializing oil-injected screw compressors for air and gas applications .
TM.I.C . has become a globally recognized player thanks to the excellence that permeates throughout the company and guarantees unrivalled quality to customers .

Our company not only designs and manufactures oil-injected bare shaft screw compres sors for Air & Gas applications which are internationally acknowledged for their outstanding performance, long-life and innovation but also offers high-speed delivery and service to its worldwide customer base.

This year in our Hannover Messe booth – G 4 4 – customers will find 3 of our best screw compressors:
-S CI10 A LG |S CI Series
The first Integrated Oil-Injected Screw Compressor made of Alluminium.
-ITA 23 | ITA S eries
A machine fully dedicated to Air applications in which rotor profile entirely designed by TMIC
-S C A 36 | S C A S eries NEW

The most powerful size in SCA Series .
F low Range: 45-90 m3/min [1575- 3200 cfm]
Power Range: 400-900 kW [540 -1200 hp]
Discharge Pressure: 13 bar(g) [190 psi(g)]