Bring automation and communication capabilities in any electronic device

STRATON AUTOMATION was founded in 2002 within the COPA- DATA group to develop the straton software, to address the need for implementing logic in electronic devices .
O ver the years, straton – as an independent software suite – became a recognized solution in the world of industrial automation, especially in the Embedded, Utilities and Energy sectors .
When a classical Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is limited to specific features, certain programming languages, function blocks, communication protocols, Input/Output (IO) boards, hardware capacities… The straton soft-PLC can be adapted to any need.

The straton software
Supporting a large amount of communication protocols, being portable on any platform, with any operating system – or no OS at all – for both ARM and Intel based processors, both 32 bits and 64 bits architectures, with a low footprint and a fully customizable code; the straton Runtime is what the industry always needed. A highly flex ible software, capable of bringing automation in the core of any system. Automation in the broadest sense, from the small controller in a truck , through PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller) and RTUs, to the intelligent circuit breaker in a power-plant.

With today more than half a million Runtimes installed worldwide, straton is everywhere. The straton Editor is an intuitive and powerful development environment allowing to develop applications easily, supporting all IEC61131- 3 languages, including several configuration wizards and tools to optimize development and test phases .

A solution thought for the market
At STRATON AUTOMATION, customer relationships have always been at the centre of our concerns; we are working with some of them since more than 20 years now.
Over the years, we developed our ex pertise by accompanying them all along their products’ lifecycle, to understand their markets’ challenges and needs, and thus provide the best solution.
It is a collaborative development. Among other, following strategic and technological evolutions in the energy field, and thanks to the development of proprietary IEC61850, IEC60870 and DNP3 stacks, we became a leader in providing a soft-PLC solution supporting certifiable and robust energy stacks .

Today, the straton solution is evolving with about 75% of the features per release being implemented to meet customer needs; the last 25% are inherited from technology watch and strategic enhancements; the 100% is a complete solution that meets market and industry ex pectations, enabling OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to achieve their economic and sustainability goals .

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