Soleco Anti-Vibration Kit for Heat Pump Isolation

To cope with the growing difficulties of rising energy costs, many consumers have chosen to install heat pump air conditioners in their homes not only for cooling but also for heating.
For this reason, air conditioners, which have always been considered a seasonal product, have become a “continuous” product in recent years.

To attenuate and isolate vibrations generated by the external units of heat pumps, Soleco, an Italian company that has been producing and designing anti-vibration products for over 50 years, has created ANTI-VIBRATION FOOT KITS that also guarantee greater stability and durability of the units themselves .
Soleco’s feet can be provided with an internal spring, which further isolates the vibrations generated by the machine, or with an internal elastic element. Soleco has always focused on research and development in order to design and produce anti-vibration products that are easy to use and provide max imum performance at the best price.

The anti-vibration feet kits, divided by color according to the load of the machine to be isolated, are provided in convenient blister packs complete with screws and assembly instructions .
The material with which they are created is a thermoplastic elastomer that, unlike the natural rubber used in most rubber-metal feet on the market, allows the anti- vibration product to resist ex treme temperatures up to -55°C and +135°C and to last over time even in the presence of oils and saline mists.

The design is studied to guarantee max imum isolation from mechanical vibrations . Soleco’s anti-vibration feet kits have been available for years through some of the major retailers both in Italy and abroad. Retailers identify Soleco as a valuable partner thanks to the technical consultancy that the company ’s R&D department provides to them to meet the most complex requests of installers .

Opportunities to introduce Soleco’s anti-vibration products to customers are open days at retailers or trade fairs . More and more often, we hear about volatile markets where long-term results cannot be predicted. Soleco, with its typical Italian entrepreneurial spirit, challenges these difficulties every day by bringing innovative products to the market that can meet the demands of an increasingly changing customers .