Processing the future

The year 2022 is set to be crucial in the energy transition path being currently pursued by the most valued players in the energy sector. It is clear how the decarbonisation process is unavoidable today. There is a real need to focus on so-called ‘clean fuels’ and to invest in the energy carriers of the future. The World is aiming for independence from fossil fuels, but it is also clear how renewables and fossil fuels will start by coexisting. We will have to go through a period of ‘transition’, in which the Natural gas will continue to play a leading role. That is possible through the optimisation of distribution networks in Processing the Future a ‘green perspective’ and the conversion to methane of power generation plants currently still running by using fossil fuels.
In this increasingly significant context, REPCo is moving today, with supplies to customers such as Ansaldo Energia and Edison. Cooperating with them, REPCo built gas treatment plants to feed
with methane the latest generation turbines of the Presenzano (CE) and Marghera (VE) power stations.



In the next three years, REPCo will be further engaged on the conversion to methane of ENEL’s power stations in Fusina (Venezia) and probably La Spezia (Italy). In Milan since 1993, REPCo’s field of action has always been Oil&Gas, Power and Petrochemicals, ranging from design and engineering to supply and support for the on-site start-up of process plants and equipment.
Since last June, REPCo opened up to new challenges in the ‘renewables’ sector, alongside Cavagna Group.



The recent acquisition by the Brescia-based Group brought together the complementary experience of these two groups to better meet the requirements of the energy transition. Moreover, it allowed expanding the offer with technologically advanced products and services in various application sectors, always looking at the eco-sustainability. With over 250 systems installed in more than 50 countries around the world, REPCo offers not only its know- how in the development of modular systems in the multidisciplinary management of ‘turn-key projects’,
but also the flexibility, reliability and professionalism that characterise its after-sales service.

All aspects that Cavagna Group is also familiar with. Thanks to its over 70 years of experience in the gas market, Cavagna ensures that this joint venture has a dynamic sales network and an
increasingly international outlook. This synergy will allow integration at various levels of the energy chain, especially those involving alternative energy sources.

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