Sealing of any kind of polypropylene extrusion grade profile

The Italian company Polylayertech was founded after many years working in the Extrusion of Polypropylene of all kinds of profiles.
This enable PolylayerTech to be one step ahead in sealing and converting market of Polypropylene extrusion grade and profile.
The flexibility of the sealing and converting problems remains our main target.



PolylayerTech is located in the North East of Italy, very close to the well known city of Venice. We are operating in the post Polypropylene extrusion sealing and converting markets and products.
Our mission is to solve the welding and converting problem with specific and special customize lines, i.e. edge sealing line for layer pad either on line sealing, Sleeves pack, boxes, thick and light material, medical boxes, protection packaging and all other requirements for our customers.
We are working as a worldwide consulting company in extrusion, welding converting PP sheets, business plan, temporary management, Project Leader and new products, bringing to the market innovative, value added, and consumer green packaging solutions.

Our team enables us to provide personalized consulting services. The combination of our unique specialized skill sets in plastic extrusion, converting, packaging, process machinery put us in the lead position, worldwide. Our passion is to innovate and develop turn-key custom effective solutions for plastics packaging and visual markets.

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