Increase plant output by 20% without replacing fans 

It may happen that you need to increase the output capacity of a fan in order to increase the plant’s productivity.However, it is not always necessary to completely change the fan with a larger one with a greater installed power.Starting from an analysis of the initial performance (flow rate and pressure of the fan), with an appropriate study one can in fact find different solutions to obtain the desired increase. In the last case solved for one of my customers, we managed, for example, to increase the flow rate of extracted fumes by 20%, without replacing the fan and maintaining the same motor power.Usually, as the flow rate increases, the power input also increases accordingly. The limit in most cases then becomes the power available to the motor.
Most probably you know that by increasing the speed of rotation of the fan, the flow rate also increases.
Perhaps you do not know, however, that the power input in this case increases much more rapidly. To give you an idea, a 20% increase in rotation speed leads to a 20% increase in flow rate and 73% increase in power.
The mechanical resistance of the fan rotor is also compromised if a certain rotation speed is exceeded.
This is why an analysis of the data and advice from a fan expert who – after careful design – can give you the best solution to meet your needs is essential in these cases.
In the case of the customer mentioned above, for example, after measuring the aeraulic characteristics of the system, we found a solution that would allow the target of a 20% increase in flow rate to be achieved at the lowest possible cost.

A new impeller was installed, capable of providing a higher flow rate but with a significantly higher efficiency. In this way, for a 20% increase in flow rate, the output only went up by about 15%.
Obviously, it is not possible to find a solution for all cases. Each situation must be analyzed and studied in detail in order to guarantee the best result at the lowest cost while maintaining the safety and reliability of the system.
To find out how to increase the productivity of your plant, without completely replacing the fans, request a free consultation from one of PBN’s technicians.

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