Off-Grid Neutral Technology

Novel Mini-Hydro solutions for “On-Grid” & “Off-Grid” applications.
At ISS International SpA, we are working on sustainable solutions, being committed to our Corporate Governance and to diversify our offer solutions to an emerging market with a focus on hydro power generation.
We care about sustainability, to respect corporate values and commitments and to ensure a better future for everyone.

We are focusing on a technology that has a steady potential and an easy forecastable stream variation. It is more reliable than solar or wind generation that can be significantly affected by the weather conditions. A river stream flows regularly along the year, granting a 24/7 production. Our effort in these months had been focused on small hydro generation plants, applicable on small/mid-size water stream and an average flow rate of 2.5 m/s; it represents the widest off-grid application in the Italian territory.

Past tech for next generations
Our Hydro-gen solutions utilize Archimedes’ Screw as turbine, one of the oldest technology inherited by Galileo. By ruling the inlet, these small plants grant an average yearly production of 1.182.600 kWh.
We’re realizing 3 mini-hydro plants in Calabria region. The Environmental impact is minimized, with structures hidden in the river context. The flow of the river is not affected by the plant and the underwater life is preserved.
The screw design with the use of finite element method, along to the best efficiency operation target and the maintenance minimization, lead the Projects to reach the Target of our sustainable development.
The Engineering efforts, as well as an accurate Materials Selection, contributed to limit the clearance between the Screw and the shelter, for the “state of the Art” Environmental Impact Minimization.
The synergy between ISS International and the subsidiary RE-ENERGY to invest in renewable solutions.


Green Digitalization
ISS International SpA R&D has developed the world first industrial METAVERSE, namely “PYXIS”: Our Mini-Hydros have their own Metaverse Environment, a digital twin, a VR replica where project status is monitored along the entire lifecycle. By using IIOT sensors, a real-time and Remote Operation will be soon possible.
The automated Industrial Metaverse will give all the ease to manage the Assets Operation by remote with an high realistic and holistic vision contributing to minimize the CO2 emissions with a reduced standard operating motility.

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