The curved safety glass, to improve the quality of the environments

Curvet was founded in 1976 in Bottega di Vallefoglia in Pesaro and immediately specialized in the processing and production of curved safety glass.
To date it is one of the few companies in Europe capable of producing curved and tempered glass, with unique and innovative solutions for all sectors in which the use of this material is required.

Construction, furniture, refrigeration industry, automotive industry, household appliances, stoves, boating, bathroom furniture, to name but a few, find in this company an ideal partner with whom to
experiment and solve any type of project, as it is able to operate on the most diverse crystals types, dimensions and thicknesses, always guaranteeing an aesthetically and functionally perfect product.
This is because it has invested capital in technology and machinery always at the forefront and in training of highly specialized personnel, who are capable of with passion and great professional seriousness to develop exclusive glass bending and tempering systems, far exceeding the technical capabilities of the plants. All Curvet products respond the characteristics required by each reference standard. If it’s Curvet it shows.

Curvet is currently one of the first companies in the sector, with various factories spread over an area of over 25,000 square meters with 100 employees at the qualified and specialized ovens and machines, in the processing of flat glass and silk-screen printing and painting systems for coloring, which work 24 hours a day.The differentiation of the plants and the consequent production capacity and flexibility have allowed the company to realize in a short time and therefore also with costs contents, any type of glass: from the normal curved to the tempered one, from the stratified one to the low emissivity one, to the double glazing and to the heated glass to arrive to Curvet Next, an absolute novelty of the house.A patented product that can be used in our homes as a completely recyclable hob, safer because it is tempered, flexible in shape and in the colors and performing.Tests and inspections are carried out on all products to guarantee the excellent quality of the product, certified among other things by safety certifications released by the appropriate institutes.

Following the Curvet technological innovations, glass today is able to replace the shapes and safety of plastic material, guaranteeing plus total respect for the health of the environment, as it is a completely recyclable material.
The glass processing plants also do not produce waste toxic since the only waste material is the glass itself.
There is not much certainty as to who invented glass, certainly Curvet over forty years ago he created the tools to bend it and make it matter of daily life, giving it a new dimension, transforming it into an object of use,furniture, support, decoration, a casket of color and light and also an expression of design international source for protection, safety and manufacturing tools renewable energy.

Today Curvet produces curved and flat glass for small and large supplies, mainly for architecture, construction, street furniture, furniture commercial, technical furniture for cold and heat, civil furniture, bathroom furniture, household appliances, boating, automotive, handling. The Curvet policy a support of quality was established to connect our customers’ requirements to improvement goals.

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