SAT is a European leader in the field of heating equipment dedicated to industrial thermal processes

Founded in 1953, in the heart of the French Alps, the company belong to a family group of roughly 140 employees, weighing around 30 M€ of turnover, with a 6 500 m2 workshop as well as an integrated engineering office, to create, design, assemble and test your machines dedicated to your projects. Specialized in forced air convection heat transfer, the SAT engineers and technicians competences are highly appreciated by key actors of the main industrial fields such as Aeronautics, Automotive, Rail, Space, Plastic…

70 years of experience and more than 10,000 machines installed in more than 50 countries contribute to develop a wide range of fields of expertise such as mechanics, automation, process control, all dedicated to the main applications : batch and continuous ovens and furnaces, heat treatment furnaces for light alloys processing, composites curing equipment, retrofit and calibration of second hand equipment… SAT offer also its high thermal know-how to the plastic industry by designing and manufacturing turn- key equipment focused on two processes: rotational molding and slush-molding.

The slush-molding range serves the Automotive first tier suppliers for the dashboards and door panels slush skins processing.
The ROTO-SAT rotational molding range of machines is the largest of the market. It covers the common principles Carousel, Turret with fixed arms, Linear shuttle, laboratory machines, but
also very particular principles such as our Rotative Shuttle dedicated to large and heavy parts, or rocking ovens specifically designed to transform boats and canoes.
Above our very different solutions regarding the arms’ design and cinematic chain, the turret rotation system, etc., our all range is equipped with a high performing oven developed by our best thermal engineer based on our 70 years’ experience in such domains.
Today, thanks to this experience in the design and manufacture of very accurate electrically heated industrial furnaces, SAT has decided to “electrify” its Rotational Molding machines. To face the actual energetic crisis and the huge ecologic challenges, SAT offer to rotomolders different configurations from full electric energy to full gas, through hybrid solutions.
The main advantages of this innovation are the reduction of greenhouse gases, the reduction of consumption, and the energy savings.
SAT has also upgraded its turret range, by offering a 4-arm turret, to allow rotomolders to increase their productivity.
Indeed, this improvement makes it possible to work faster, cheaper, smaller, simpler, safier.

To discover all of SAT Thermique ranges and innovations, go to the K2022 show on booth 11 I40!

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