Thirty Years of Information Technology for Business

Project Informatica was founded 30 years ago on the intuition of Brescian entrepreneur Danilo Bartoli and in collaboration with his wife Luisa Buizza. The idea was to use their IT know-how to help manage companies in the service sector, so they started Project Informatica, with Ser-data as one of its flagship software. Danilo Bartoli approached this decision after his experience as a sole proprietor. He had always been passionate about information technology, so he decided to turn to a niche sector where he could best develop his skills. The first software he designed was

Ser-data, specifically for cleaning companies. Today, Project Informatica has about fifteen distribution points throughout Italy and is recognized as a full- service IT partner for businesses.
It currently offers two “heavy” software, Ser-data and the Profit management software, and eight “lighter” ones, dedicated to particular aspects of business management.

The current Ser-data program is the outcome of years of work and updating. The scenario has changed a lot since it was first implemented, and customer needs have become ever more specific. Today, Ser-data XP is helping businesses grow by rationalizing their use of time and money.
It is divided into 11 management modules: time and attendance, site budget management, budgeting, inventory, statistics, invoicing, equipment, services, ISO 9001/vision 2000 certification, project specifications and waste management (new). All issues that are so topical today. Ser-data provides 4 automatic systems, depending on the type of distribution of the company’s work
points: many scattered micro construction sites, 3-4 independent construction sites, large construction sites, and then the Localizzami (find me) system, to be installed directly on the vehicles. In this way all the work of the enterprise is controllable from a PC. The program is unrelated to any supplier; therefore, it works regardless of what products are used.

What’s more
In addition to programs, Project Informatica provides hardware, installation, and support. The client company can thus obtain a complete supply in the IT field even if it starts from scratch. With these advantages, it has reached the enviable quota of about 400 customers, including service companies, commercial enterprises etc. From Italy to Spain and all the way to Algeria.

What’s next
The software has been translated into English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, and Russian. This is because the goal for 2023 is to find IT resellers for every country, thereby spreading the software to all the continents. In addition, the software version will be available by 2022 with the new Angular technology that allows the platform to be used on mobile devices as well.

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