Since 1971 – Seals and Technical Items

LIMA is engaged in the production and marketing of industrial seals and technical items made of thermoplastic materials and fluoro carbon resins, whatever they may be with more than 5,000 compounds available.
The Company has an IT infrastructure developed to ensure the correct flow of information between departments and subdivisions, data recording, the safe storage of documents and traceability of batches handled in production and then shipped to customers in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO 14001 – ISO 45001 standards

LIMA has many years of experience manufacturing seats, insert rings and sealing rings (with springs in Elgiloy, Hastelloy) which are assembled inside valves destined to gas pipelines, oil pipelines, oil platforms, cryogenic plants and equipment for the chemical sector.
LIMA’s production department can rely on various types of machinery to cope with a wide variety of Customer requirements in terms of size, adherence to drawing tolerances and geometric complexity.

LIMA is structured in three distinct production lines. In the first, the CNC turning department, the company utilizes high-tech machinery (lathes, multi-spindle, multi slide, 3/5 axes), capable of turning parts up to 1,500 mm. In the second, the milling department, details are made by processing the plates: we have 3/5-axis CNC vertical machining centers with worktops up to 5,500 x 3,500 mm. In the third, the automatic machine turning department, parts are produced in series and orders of hundreds of thousands of pieces, in addition to grinding operations.

Furthermore, in our workshop there are machinery suitable for deburring, roughing, cutting, finishing and drilling. We also do custom leveling, coating, water jet cutting, laser engraving and coloring work. The quality of the workmanship is guaranteed both by the high technologies at our disposal and by the professionalism of our staff: each seat is checked by means of altimeters, comparators, sets of calibrated spheres and optical measuring machines, lasers and 3D probes.

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