DET FIRE: a full-service specialist in Fire Safety and Gas Detection

Our mission is to provide solutions to meeting the requests of our customers in order to protect them from risks and damages caused by fire and gas leaks.
Incorporated into the Sopran Ciodue Group, Det Fire was established in Milan more than 10 years ago and provides a wide range of products and services (that include the supply, design and engineering) of:
•Passive fire protection (including fire extinguishing) and smoke/heat detection systems
•Fire alarm systems
•Evacuation sound systems
•Gas detection
•Seismic and structural vibration monitoring systems


These core values show exactly what is really significant to us.

Every person and every project just reflects our Company culture. We desire to achieve the highest quality international standards in the fire and safety industry. For this reason, we always train our staff at all levels, sponsor technical webinar and meeting, and maintain membership in internationally recognized organisations linked to the services we provide.

Det Fire has its own line of products, including modular fire and gas detection systems KIRA, gas detectors and sensors, and seismic and structural vibration monitoring systems. In addition, Det Fire finds and deals with the most innovative solutions in the fire and gas market, including, for example, aerosol fire extinguishing technology or evacuation sound systems. If you are looking for an innovative solution our team will be glad to assist you. Our engineers can also advise and assist you in putting together the right components for your fire and gas solution according to the latest regulations.
Existing products are optimized and the functionality of new systems or developments is carefully tested.
By listening carefully to our customers, we are able to suggest the right solution with the best products. All products are certified internationally.

Gas leaks can lead to fire or explosion. Det Fire Gas detection range includes a variety of gas detectors, control panels and sensors, available for the protection of personnel and property, throughout an entire building or within specific areas.
-The DF-GD1 and DF-GD2 detectors series use a microprocessor unit capable of processing gas concentration data and performing a dynamic calibration that ensures accurate detection.
The sensors used can be catalytic, electrochemical cell, infrared or semiconductor type, depending on the gases to be detected.
Two distinct versions are available for interfacing the DF-GD1 and DF-GD2 detectors series:
•DF-GDx-A equipped with 4-20 mA analogue output
•DF-GDx-I equipped with an RS485 digital output with Modbus RTU communication protocol.
-The DF-GD3 detectors series is made with an ATEX certified die-cast aluminium case, with IP65 protection degree which makes them suitable for use in areas classified Category 2 zone 1 and 2 (Gas) and for zone 21 or 22 (Dust), with temperatures ranging from -40°C to + 60°C.
Two distinct versions are available for interfacing the DF-GD3 detectors series:
•DF-GD3-A equipped with 4-20 mA analogue output
•DF-GD3-I equipped with an RS485 digital output with Modbus RTU communication protocol
-The DF-GC1-A control panel is a detection control panel designed for all those applications which require the control and monitoring of settings to be protected from the presence of toxic gases or from flammable gas leaks. Two distinct versions are available:
•DF-GC1-A-004 is equipped with 4 input channels of the 4-20mA type, to which as many gas detectors can be connected.
•DF-GC1-A-008 is equipped with 8 input channels of the 4-20mA type, to which it is possible to connect as many gas detectors.

The control unit has a fault relay output, 3 alarm outputs (as indicated by the EN50545-1 standard) and an auxiliary relay.
The backlit graphic display signals or indicates to the user the gas concentrations measured by the detectors and the alarm thresholds of each detector.
-The DF-GC3 control unit is equipped with 4 RS485 communication channels, 1 Ethernet connection, 2 alarm inputs and 1 battery monitoring input.
This control unit supports a maximum of 32 devices per line and it has 1 fault relay output, 4 alarm outputs with power relay for solenoid valves, 2 alarm outputs with monitored power relay for solenoid valves and 2 auxiliary signal relays.
The DF‐GC3 control unit is built and assembled inside an IP66 metal container. ATEX Certified.

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