With over 550,000 machines installed and distributors in more than 40 countries, the Italian brand THOMAS is well known as band saw manufacturer worldwide with an experience of over 60 years in the metal sawing machinery industry.
The wide range of products goes from the traditional circular saw to the more modern horizontal bandsaw available in the versions: manual and with gravity sawframe downfeed, semi automatic,
automatic and CNC.
For an excellent cut, the company also provide our WAL-ZER bandsaw blade and circular blade discs, always taking into account the specifications of material being cut.
THOMAS made in Italy band saws and WAL-ZER blades are high-quality products, essential in mechanical applications such as steel constructions, engineering and metalworking.
THOMAS is recognized by its partners as a solid, experienced and reliable company, where they can always find real support in choosing the right product and in after-sale assistance.
The company focuses on the study and design of always new and innovative solutions, as green as possible, always keeping in mind to protect the brand reliability; its distinctive feature.
This company is also open to new qualified partnerships, in order to further extend its international commercial network.

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