MYWAI is a new European start-up ( with headquarters in the wonderful Silence Bay of Sestri Levante (between Cinque Terre and Portofino in the Riviera di Levante of Liguria which
during 2020 and 2021, when the pandemics was hitting hard global supply chains and industrial set ups, designed, patented, and developed Europe’s first fully native Equipment as a Service (EaaS) solution to help machine tool builders and users to add new digital services such as innovative technical (e.g. Predictive Maintenance & Visual Quality Assessment), Insurtech (e.g. Pay per Event) and Fintech business models (e.g. Pay per Use) to their networked machines worldwide.
The recently released MYWAITM EaaS platform version 1.0 pre-launched during the SPS (Smart Production Systems) 2022 event in Parma (Italy) enables the use of multimodal IoT sensors and
digital cameras empowering time series fault analysis and production quality visual inspection from remote service centres, over the Internet, delivering Artificial Intelligence models wherever needed, whenever needed, from the cloud to the edge of plants, to the very edge of machine tools for any machine builder willing to enter the “smart” machines markets and evolutionary opportunities.
In particular, the MYWAITM v1.0 is based on four main modules:
1.The MYWAITM Cloud Manager that lets you design and deliver edge intelligence to any equipment, machine and appliance by plant, site and factory together with notification procedures, alarms and events interworking with existing systems by means of the de facto Industry 4 standard OPC Unified Architecture
2.The MYWAITM MLOPS Edge AI modeler that lets you define and train Machine Learning algorithms on the Cloud and deploy to remote CPU, FPGA and/or ASIC empowered edge computers managing all AI operations from models design to consensus building amongst product engineers and experts
3.The MYWAITM Edge Analyzer that lets you monitor multivariate data streams and imagery on CPU and/or Neural Boards Modules, delivering low cost and low consumption artificial intelligence at the very edge of equipment and machinery
4.The MYWAITM DLT Certifier that uses a combo setup made of a new generation distributed ledger topology (IOTATM) and a distributed file System (IPFSTM) to store and certify equipment and
production anomalies for innovative Insurtech services

To date the MYWAI platform has been successfully used in the first market and research demonstrators amongst which:
-the RAISETM (Robots as an AI Services Ecosystem) demonstrator which has received funding by the EU H2020 RD Program (Grant nr 825196) via an Open Call issued by the Trinity RoboticsTM work program and CECIMOTM (The European Association of Machine Tools Builders)
-the PromenAIdeTM (Prognostic Medical Machinery Maintenance using AI & DLT on Edge) which has received funding by the Italian Regional RD funds (P.O.R.-FESR Liguria 2014-2020) for maintaining medical Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging equipment
-The SATISFACTION ProjectTM (Satellite Augmented Cargo Tracking & Insurance Services for Food Supply in Action) which has received funding from ESA (European Space Agency) for studying the remote monitoring and tracking of Reefer Containers for the correct shipment and delivery of edible goods in worldwide supply chains using satellite-augmented fintech and insurtech services.

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