IDROINOX IMPIANTI SRL has been dealing for the last 30 years with the designing, manufacturing and installation of stainless-steel plants and equipment for the food, pharma, cosmetic and
electronic processing industry, its activity carried on directly with end customers or in partnership with engineering and contracting companies in Italy and abroad. Idroinox’ main activities are:
•To provide turnkey solutions food and pharma preparation including commissioning;
•To provide turnkey PW, WFI and PS distribution circuits including commissioning;
•To supply preparation vessels and storage tanks;
•To supply tube heat exchangers;
•To supply complete equipments for the production of ozone, inverse osmosis and clean steam generators;
•To provide CIP/ SIP systems;
•To supply water pretreatment assemblies with filtration systems and iron and manganese removal, for the production of clean and ultra clean waters according to USP;
•To provide detailed engineering: P&ID, tubing sizing dedicated to Process Fluid transport and utilities with implementation of 3D drawings and plant’s layout;
•To arrange all necessary documents for FAT, SAT and related protocols along with all required documentation for commissioning and following FDA system validation;
•To provide and certify non-destructive controls on raw material and on each part of the plant including: bore scopes, SMEs (alloys analyzer), iron content testing, Eddy Current test, etc…) performed by skilled technicians and state-of-the art instruments;
•To carry out Washing, Passivation and Derouging of obsolete plants according to most updated standard.

IDROINOX IMPIANTI has always focused onto Quality as the main feature of its work and has obtained following ISO certifications: ISO 9002, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:2015
For the designing, manufacturing, installation and sale of stainless steel plants and equipment for the food and pharma industry.
IDROINOX is also certified according to PED, module H and H1, for the designing, fabrication, final inspection and testing of tanks, vessels, exchangers and other assemblies.

Industry 4.0

The year 2019, It’s been an year very important for the establishment of 4.0 Industry requirements, on which the company focuses a lot. For that, Idroinox installs control systems very efficient and
always interconnected. This permits, to its customers, to read in real time, the process critical parameters.
The benefits of this new industrial revolution are the follow:
•Cost reduction and reduction of production times.
•Improvement of Automation data archiving and major control of production process.
•Time reduction of machine downtime and small number of stoppages for errors.
•Greater involvement of the final customer.