D-Ktc Fluid Control, the Experts in Mechanical Fluid Separation

D-KTC Fluid Control, manufacturer and marketer of a full range of steam and process fluid control products for the oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical, and power generation industries.
With more than two decades of experience in the production of filters, visual flow indicators, sample coolers, discharge heads, steam coolers and flame distributors, D-KTC Fluid Control represents one of the leading companies in its target industry, capable of responding to the most complex and multifaceted needs of the petrochemical, chemical, energy and nuclear markets. Thanks to excellent production and through the adoption of cutting-edge production techniques, together with Armstrong International or Chero Group, for years, the company has set itself the goal of standing out in the industry and being an important model in Europe and in the world.

Quality, precision, safety and the ability to control production and working methods are the pillars of a company that, while totally in line with the needs of the present, also manages to concretely adhere to one of the important principles of this century: respect for the environment.
With an active market in Europe and the Middle East, the company prides itself on marketing refined products that are always up-to-date with the latest production standards. With ANSI, API, EN, CODAP, and BS 5500 certifications, D-KTC Fluid Control stands on the podium for quality assurance and excellence.
With D-KTC Fluid Control nothing is left to chance: a specific internal department in charge of verifying and controlling quality standards during the entire production process cycle.
We met with Riccardo Bondani, sales office manager for D-KTC Fluid Control, and asked him a few questions.
Interesting that he mentioned the focus on the environment, a topic that, while visiting the company website, comes up several times. We also wanted to know what the next steps are for a company that has already established itself in the present and is working towards an increasingly bright future.

Respect for the environment is a topic close to your heart, how do you deal with it?

Throughout our production cycle, respect for the environment is a factor we hold in high regard.
We deal with complex production costs and processes to ensure compliance with current environmental regulations.
You adopt cutting-edge production techniques, can you describe one product that has undergone changes in your production, compared to previous years?
The production of most of the items we deal with has been firmly established for decades, at the moment it is already highly optimized.
There are interesting developments in the area of sampling panels, where there is an opportunity for more efficient and innovative solutions at the moment.
Our approach is to propose solid yet affordable solutions, innovating some aspects whenever possible.
What are the goals for the future and your next steps?
Our main goal for the future is to consolidate our position in the market by adding a new element.
We are currently working a lot on projects involving sampling panels, a very interesting item that we are able to produce.
We are pleased to have collaborated to develop hydrogen service sampling panels, with Russian certifications, electrically traced. A very good business card that we hope will make us known in this area as well. The next steps are just that, to expand a whole range of specializations that can ensure that we can break into new areas.

Products: quality, excellence and performance
D-KTC’s signature flow indicators ensure efficient sealing and easy maintenance; they are also available in high pressure/temperature combinations.
The company offers a wide selection of sizes and materials to meet major filtering needs. All filters are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and are certified
The largest possible selection of sample coolers to meet all sampling needs for steam, water, hydrocarbons, and others.
Exhaust heads are specially designed to safely vent steam into the atmosphere for the purpose of meeting all customer requirements, including noise reduction.
The range of steam products is linked to Armstrong International, as D-KTC is its official agent for the EPC market, so the selection of hot water, steam and air solutions is the widest in the world. FLAME ARRESTERS
These are passive devices that prevent the propagation of flames from the exposed side of a pipe to the protected side through the use of a flame cell element of the crimped metal strip type.

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