Atlanta Stretch: a trip through the Romagna packaging valley

We have the great pleasure to introduce you Atlanta Stretch, an Italian company specialized in the design, construction and manufacturing of automatic and semi-automatic pallet stretch wrapping machines.

When was Atlanta Stretch born and how has your business developed over the years?
Atlanta Stretch was founded in 2005 by Mr. Angelo Forni who was also the founder of several other important packaging companies during the 1980’s, all of which still exist in the market today.
In 2005 Mr. Forni decided to focus again on packaging and founded a new company called Atlanta Stretch, with a base at Poggio Berni.
During its first year, the company balance sheets stood at just 1.5 million Euro, but with 30 patents held, safeguarding the entire Atlanta production.

In 2013, a Milan-based company called COMARME was taken over (a company producing taping and box- forming machines) and a partnership was signed with Bologna-based company LP (specialised in producing medium-speed machines in the heat shrink-wrapping and box sectors).
Since 2014, the company has continued to grow, exceeding all expectation. In 2018, turnover reached 39 million Euro. A case history in a class of its own, justified solely by the incredible know-how, professionalism and determination of Mr. Forni and his staff. And so, we come to the present period with the inauguration of the new Atlanta premises in 2019 – which are huge and particularly beautiful – at Poggio Torriana and two other factories in Italy and in San Marino.
Innovative and full of light, designed to ensure optimal living and working conditions, the premises boast a spacious canteen where meals can be enjoyed with fellow workers and a large gym for employees who like to stay in shape… because work is important, but the wellbeing of his team is fundamental. This is the philosophy that has always guided Mr. Forni.
Last but not least ICME – Specialists for Gummed Paper Taping machines has been acquired in 2021. Step by step Atlanta Stretch is becoming a 360 Degrees specialist in end of the line packaging solution.

Talking about your stretching wrapping machines: Can you describe your commercial proposal?
Atlanta Stretch are specialists in the design, construction and manufacturing of automatic and semi-automatic pallet stretch wrapping machines.
This includes integrating our machines into complex production lines, specially developed to automate the complete packaging process.
Over recent years we have been able to make key investments in research and development. These have made it possible to create a range of functional and state-of-the-art semi-automatic wrapping machines, these machines represent many innovations together with a series of proprietary patents.
All of the semi-automatic wrapping machines manufactured by our company are guaranteed to deliver both considerable savings in energy consumption and productivity gains by:
•Technical design solutions that facilitate fast and efficient installation;
• Providing a range of film carriages that are equipped with modern pre-stretch systems which significantly reduce film usage, with each load;
•Designing models where the traditional column has been improved upon, allowing them to operate in low level buildings and require significantly less maintenance.
To be certain we offer our customers solutions that provide the highest quality and the latest technology possible, we regularly study demands in the marketplace.

Many of our competitors choose to produce in- house control panels and motors for each machine model. This often means finding spare parts in the market generates high costs for distributors and, consequently, for end customers. Furthermore, even management of the warehouse becomes incredibly complex in the face of numerous spare part codes to manage.
The above does not happen to our dealers who, on the contrary, have a warehouse to manage with a much lower number of codes and spare parts.
The commercial strength of our company’s range of semi-automatic wrapping machines can be summarised in six points:
1.Single electronic board for all models;
2.Use of commercial components and inverters;
3.Competitive spare part prices;
4.Interchangeable carriages;
5.TP turntable with a variety of different configurations;
6.Low profile turntables;
7.Pre-stretch rollers which are made from anti-cut polyurethane.

Which is the most important news of 2022 about Atlanta Stretch?
Ipack-Ima 2022 in Milan marked the return of Atlanta Stretch Fair in the fair exhibitions. It was a happy coincidence that the setting of one of the most important events in the packaging sector in our country was the opportunity to present the last two models that became part of our SEMI-AUTOMATIC range.
Modern and captivating designed and equipped with the latest generation ARYA technology, NEOS and MYTHO S semi-automatic wrapping machines represent an incredible step forward in terms of ergonomics and automation.

The patented Arya system allows to eliminate the operator intervention, during the hooking and unhooking phase of the film to the pallet. The MYTHO S latest generation turntable wrapping machines, ready to wrap pallets in the most economical, best and intelligent way possible. It even memorizes the name of you products, so that the operators always select one of the 99 pre-
selected receipts of the wrapping program.

Connected to Wifi. Your best selection Boss! Atlanta Stretch takes care of the last step in the packaging process of their clients.
It better be good.

Atlanta Stretch Turns your business around! 

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