INOXDADI: Your Fastener Source

Over the course of more than 45 years of activity, the company Inoxdadi S.r.l. has made its way among European producers and distributors of stainless steel fasteners, enlarging its material range by addition of nickel alloys, brass, titanium, copper and aluminum.
Our company name: Inoxdadi (stainless steel nuts) denotes a strict link to the material stainless steel.
Through cold pressing, milling, cutting, rolling, threading and all other production processes, we have learnt to deal with stainless steel in all its shades, issues and challenges. Achievements and critical situations are still enhancing our knowledge background and help us in developing our technical skills.

Inoxdadi S.r.l. is not only business, but also passion, team working and hereinafter of our family tradition since grandfathers’ time. We are proud to be part of the Italian manufacture net, which is worldwide known as a synonym of excellent quality and reliability. Our experience in manufacturing and supplying fasteners makes Inoxdadi S.r.l. a trustable and performing partner for your business. Quality is our company philosophy and we are continuously looking to get further. Both own production and distribution articles are dimensionally, chemically and mechanically checked in order to guarantee our customers always the best quality.

The test and check equipment is frequently calibrated and new investments are managed, in order to keep the highest control level on all our products. Two movable x-ray spectrometers and a fixed gas spectrometer ensure a deep chemical analysis, to guarantee our customers the best material composition. All kind of certificates can be provided by our quality department. Thanks to our versatile and responsive production capabilities we can supply high-quality products quickly, at a competitive price.
Providing quality products and improving production processes is fundamental for us, that is why we have started an industry 4.0; project that will connect all manufacturing machines and operators in one database, able to arrange the production at the best in terms of quality, product and mechanical features.

INOXDADI S.r.l. always wants to be up to date and is always actively looking for new performing materials and exotic alloys to enlarge our wide material range, which currently includes: Inconel, Incoloy, Hastelloy, Nimonic, Titanium, Duplex, Monel 400, Super duplex (W. 1.4410 and W. 1.4501) 254SMO… and so on. These excellent raw materials are characterized by a great strength and extreme resistance to corrosion, caused by alkaline, caustic, acid, oxidizer or chlorate chemical agents, to elevated or very low temperatures, to marine/sub-marine environment and other awkward applications. These special materials can be applied to various different field, such as: petrochemical processing to marine industry, from aerospace industries to nuclear reactors,
from chemical processing to pollution control, from industrial furnaces to gas turbine components, from hydro-carbon processing equipment to heat exchangers, from waste treatment to desalination equipment and so on.

We are able to manufacture special custom fasteners in all grades, in accordance with costumers’ own drawings, offering top quality articles and good purchasing conditions. We’re always willing to overcome new challenges and to develop our business in the most unexpected fields.

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