INDEVA® state of the art materials handling technology for more Ergonomics, Safety and Productivity

The INDEVA® lifting systems are the state-of-the-art technology for manual load handling systems and are an evolution of the industrial manipulators.
With forty years’ experience in the design and manufacture of devices that comply with all the latest safety regulations and the most complete range of manipulators on the market, INDEVA® technology fully complies with all the latest guidelines related to ergonomics and safety.
To effectively improve operator wellbeing and achieve ergonomically safe handling operations, it is necessary that the manipulator not only eliminates the strain during load lifting (along vertical axis), but also the inertia during acceleration, braking or direction change.
The INDEVA®, known as intelligent devices for handling or intelligent assist devices (IAD), comply with the above ergonomics guidelines.


Both Column and Rail mounted INDEVAs are light to move (inertia and gravity forces reduced to almost nothing when starting or stopping the motion, thus allowing very precise and quick load positioning (no over travelling, bouncing and need of lots of little corrective movements)
AUTOMATIC WEIGHT DETECTION AND BALANCING INDEVA® technology allows to handle different loads without need of adjusting with selectors, in case different parts with different weights have to be handled.

Scaglia Indeva designs, manufactures and installs a world-class range of industrial manipulators and bespoke handling systems for automotive, aerospace, process and general engineering applications.
Manufactured to ISO 9001 quality system certification in our advanced manufacturing and test centre, INDEVA® manipulators have a reputation for innovation, quality and reliability.

Scaglia Indeva boasts the greatest expertise in designing and manufacturing bespoke end effectors and is appreciated worldwide for being able to provide tailor made gripping tools for a great variety of different loads and work cycles. Each tool is designed in the respect of ergonomic and safety guidelines and according to INDEVA® policy of creating light, compact user-friendly grippers, which allows good visibility of the working area and load to handle.

An INDEVA® can exchange data with the Customer IT System through the Company Network and allows visualization of manipulator activity by means of interface software.

An INDEVA® can be connected via Wi-Fi to App- Indeva, so that machine data can be transferred to a remote tablet or smartphone in real time. This can assist fault diagnosis, so significantly reducing call-out charges and operator downtime.

Reduced carbon footprint due to low energy consumption.

When all businesses are looking to increase productivity whilst reducing costs, WRMSDs can significantly impact this. Losing key members of staff for several days can affect productivity and therefore profitability.
However grim reading the HSE study is, WRMSDs are preventable when ergonomic interventions are introduced. Scaglia Indeva has been leading from the front when it comes to the design and manufacture of innovative solutions for manual handling and lifting in all sectors, which has considerably improved both ergonomics and safety in the workplace. INDEVA® industrial manipulators have been designed with ergonomics in mind. One of the cornerstones of the company’s mission is to support the manufacturing industry by supplying state-of- the-art material handling equipment which makes the workplace safer, reduces employee absenteeism, and improves productivity as well as supporting the nationwide trend of an ageing workforce.

The Liftronic® series manipulators are user- friendly intelligent devices for handling, which enables effortless lifting, lowering and move of heavy loads through finger-tip control. Equipped
with an advanced electronic control system, these manipulators allow the operator intuitive control without the need to keep buttons or levers pressed, provide smooth movement, speed of handling and precise load placement with only the lightest touch, thus reducing the stress and strain associated with manual handling.

Working on a bespoke basis for every application, Indeva works closely with its customers to identify any issues that may affect the health and safety of their employees. We are then able to design and manufacture a complete material handling solution that not only meets their individual operational needs, but provides solutions to prevent WRMSDs.
The Liftronic® series manipulators are equipped with advanced safety features which prevent movement unless an operator is in control, and a mechanism that guarantees against the load falling either by accident or power failure. Independent studies have shown that INDEVA® industrial manipulators are proven to lower the physical demands of manual material handling tasks,
which in turn reduces both the number and severity of WRMSDs. This then is reflected in increased productivity and therefore profitability.

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