Constant monitoring of the production cycle to intervene promptly and avoid any waste of time, resources and raw materials and to control the wear and tear of machinery. All this is possible thanks to the application of artificial intelligence algorithms that continuously analyze the progress of processes.
Guaranteeing profit margins even within a few weeks.
These are the fundamental principles of the solution that C.Si.Co. offers to Italian SMEs.

The solution in question, developed in collaboration with Radicalbit, a startup specializing in continuous intelligence technologies, has found interesting results in two main areas, manufacturing and chemicals, providing visible benefits immediately. In the first case, thanks to the constant monitoring of the wear and tear of the spare parts of the machinery used, it was possible to lengthen the life of the machinery by about 30%, guaranteeing considerable savings both from an economic point of view and in terms of time, with the processing cycle reduced by about 10%.

Outstanding results, especially if you think about the more statistical methods used until now for this type of maintenance, whereby the average life of a spare part was established on the basis of history. Today, real-time data analysis makes it possible to exploit the part until it guarantees adequate performance, regardless of whether this moment arrives earlier or later than expected.
The same principle applies to the chemical industry, where the constant analysis of processes allows to correctly modulate the use of even very expensive reagents that are used for work cycles that last up to two days.
In this case, artificial intelligence algorithms developed specifically to monitor a given process, suggest within a few minutes the appropriate corrective measures, without having to wait for an analysis that, with more traditional methods, would only be carried out at the end of the work process. The result is that you avoid wasting hours of work and valuable raw materials.
Therefore, it is a true revolution of the industrial world that provides companies of limited size, including those with a turnover of a few million, with a series of services that until now have been the exclusive prerogative of the giants of the industrial sector.

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