SUPER-FLASH is the system for developing SCADA/ HMI applications produced by Automa. Founded in 1989, it is now the only independent Italian SCADA.
It is also the only system that is and has always been ROYALTY-FREE.
What does ROYALTY-FREE mean? For SUPER-FLASH it means purchasing a Development System licence and then having the possibility of making unlimited applications that are not subject to runtime licences on payment: an exceptional advantage over those who use other products.
Therefore, it is also possible to use SUPER-FLASH for cost-sensitive applications, i.e. those where you prefer to use an operator panel.
If, however, it is difficult and costly, to save money on the operator panel and then meet the interconnection requirements needed to be able to take advantage of the facilitating tools of Industry 4.0, then it would be better to use a standard PanelPC with ROYALTY-FREE SUPER-FLASH on board.
The purchase of the ROYALTY-FREE Development System licence is therefore considered an investment, with the relative possibilities of repayment which make it even more convenient.
Moreover, the purchase of software for the automation of the production departments is facilitated by a fiscal discount of 20%, so why not take advantage of it by purchasing a ROYALTY-FREE product?
Apart from the absolute cost-saving value linked to the ROYALTY-FREE offer, which is unique in its kind, there are many technical aspects that make SUPER-FLASH a truly special product compared with the other products on the market.
Automa’s first objective has always been reliability, i.e. the possibility of guaranteeing continuous operation of the applications made with SUPER-FLASH.

Here are some of the technical characteristics of SUPER-FLASH:
– Record-breaking reliability
– All the versions can be installed at the same time, without any hassle, on the same PC.
– No need for virtual machines for projects with different S.O. versions.
– The applications are installed with a COPY and uninstalled with a DEL.
– Runtime engine and applications occupy few
– Mbytes
– Low sensitivity to Windows updates
-The development system can import 30-year old projects, including DOS projects

Reliability, flexibility, personalized training and the highest level of technical support are provided directly by the product developers. These are some of the values which characterize Automa’s offer for SUPER-FLASH, the development system for SCADA/ HMI applications.

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