The 3302 MRS hardness tester by AFFRI OMAG ensures high performance even in the presence of difficult conditions, of supports of any type and of impurities between the piece to be tested and its support or between this and the support base.
Part of a large series of Rockwell-Brinell automatic durometer models, which includes twenty-six types capable of satisfying any specific use requirement.
In particular, the 3302 MRS durometer allows the automatic search for contact with the surface of the piece to be tested.

By pressing the start button, in fact, it comes into contact with the surface to be examined and automatically starts the hardness measurement cycle in automatic succession and without phase interruption.
It does not require any further action other than pressing a button. It meets the requirements for laboratory use and ensures total operation even in the presence of vibrations, temperature changes or in dusty environments.
Its use guarantees the absolute measurement already valid at the first test. You can comfortably operate in absolute tranquility and safety of measurement on any geometry and size and can test components with mass up to 2000 kg in absolute precision and automation.
The operating menu includes all functions in automatic mode, scale change, adjustment of measurement parameters, indication of measured values ​​and indication of statistics, or out of range values, on-line help and interaction with data and information exchange systems for easy control and operation. remote. 4.0 compliant.

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