3DnA, an Italian company leader in 3D printing design and printing services, has recently completed the first installation in Europe of an SLM800 metal 3D printer manufactured by SLM-Solutions AG.
The system comes with a huge printing platform of 280x500x850 mm, 4 lasers and a HUB structure which directly downloads the job removing the powder in excess after printing. It is the engineered printing system with the maximum height available on the market: entire parts of automotive engines, aerospace functional parts and oil&gas and energy components can be manufactured by 3DnA skilled engineers.
As stated by Alessandro Manzo, General Manager of 3DnA:
“Such kind of heavy printing systems complete the first phase of 3DnA project. Together with Domenico Taraschi, President of 3DnA, we have developed a company which can now offer all 3D printing technologies solutions to our customers.

The possibility of full design and simulation together with the biggest dimensional capabilities allows 3DnA to be increasingly competitive in a national and international context and to raise the bar in terms of reliability and production capabilities.”
Who is 3DnA?
3DnA Srl is a private engineering company completely focused on additive manufacturing.
3DnA has its Headquarter in Pomigliano d’Arco, Napoli (Italy) with more than 1000 sq. mt, research lab AMUV inside the University of Naples, subsidiary in Germany (Frankfurt area) and joint labs with the multinational company Jabil inc.
3DnA is also part of DAC (Aerospace District of Campania), MedITech (National Competence Centre) and DiH (Digital Innovation Hub).
Main activities, in the field of additive manufacturing, are:
-reverse engineering
-topological optimization & generative design
-rapid prototyping

3DnA has fulfilled the integration in terms of know- how and printing capabilities on almost all AM technologies and materials (metals, resins and polymers). Main are:
SLM (SLM-Solutions SLM800 – SLM500, Renishaw AM400)
FDM-FFF (Stratasys F900 – F450 – F370, Dedem
D3-XP, Sharebot 43 – QWarm, Wasp 40-70)
MJF (HP 4200-5200)
PolyJet (Stratasys J55, 3DS 3500)
CFF (Markforged X7 – Mark II)
SLA (Photocentric LC MAGNA, DWS)
The company serves different markets (aerospace, automotive, biomedic, mechatronic, transport, energy, oil&gas) and is ISO9001-9100 certified.

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