Sicilsat Communication s.r.l. is a company based in Catania, Sicily. It was founded by Concetto Squadrito in 2015, who has more than thirty years of experience in the telecommunications field. Concetto Squadrito is the CEO and he plays some of the key roles inside the company, most of all he is a pilar in Sicilsat reality. He was able to put together some of the most expert and talented engineers and technicians who successfully manage the company’s core areas. As an SME, the Sicilsat organization chart is not complex but underlines how the most important asset is the people.

The main activities currently carried out by Sicilsat communication concern the design, production, installation, testing, and operational support of up- link and satellite systems.Sicilsat Communications can design and build fixed and mobile satellite systems, adapting them to the needs of its customers.
The Company believes that a good network of partners and clients plays a key role in the determination of Hight quality standards and competitiveness.

Therefore Sicilsat cooperates with the most important One of our main capacities is the ability to offer customized solution for the clients and this is only possible thanks to the strength of Sicilsat which are the know-how, that allows the company to perform in any stage of the development of a system, from the design to the final test and installation. Sicilsat was able to achieve a great ratio value between quality and prices that make it very competitive in the market.
To achieve the highest quality standards, every project carried out is developed compiling with the quality standards set out by the ISO9000-2015 and ISO27000-2017 Certifications.
Ultimately, the equipment, the labs, and software allow the company to face any of the challenges coming from this competitive market and be at the forefront in Europe for design capacity.
Sicilsat main projects regard the space and Avio area and the ground stations. Regarding the Space and Avio area Sicilsat designs systems capable of operating onboard both satellites and avionics systems. In the development of these applications, the utmost attention is taken to satisfy all the characteristic requirements of these platforms, such as weight, dimensions, temperature range, vibrations, reliability, etc.
The satisfactory results obtained in the deliveries already made Sicilsat able to ensure the complete functionality For what concern instead the Ground segments projects Sicilsat can design systems (mobile and fixed) on all frequency bands assigned to satellite services (from L band to Ka) and any architecture (TX/RX, only RX or TX), able to transmit any power thanks to a wide range size of antennas. In the past few years, Sicilsat communications were able to grow as a company not only from the turnover point of view but also in manpower employment, both are following a growth path that will bring great future opportunities and challenges.
At the end of 2021, Sicilsat was right where it aimed to arrive in terms of corporate objectives and intend to continue with these trends to reach all the future objectives in 2022.

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