OMG FILTER PUMPS: the importance of the materials used, robustness and durability for obtaining high filtration standards

OMG s.a.s. di Gibogini Stefano & C. core business is focused on the production and marketing of filter pumps for galvanic and chemical processes.
In order to guarantee high filtration standard (less than 1 micron) the filter-pumps are completely made in OMG warehouse by turning and milling stainless steel AISI316L, polypropylene (PP), polivinyl chloride (PVC) bars and plates.
The choice of anticorrosive materials that withstand acids and all the dangerous substances usually contained in galvanic baths prolongs the working life of the components and better prevents the risks of accidental contacts. Distinctive elements of the unit pump are the pump body and the rotor made of polypropylene (also called Moplen), the silicon carbide mechanical seal and the stainles steel AISI316L bushing; in TE series the filter tank has an internal coating made of a protective elastomer (ebonite).
According to the different pump models, the effective capacity is between 2.000 l/h and 30.000 l/h; the filtering surface is between 0,2 mq and 20 mq. OMG always supports the client during the design phase of the galvanic plant when it is extremely important the choice of the filter pump; for this reason, OMG collects the following technical information from the customer:
– bath dimensions and chemical composition
– ph value
– working temperature.

Referring to the choice of the filtering media to be mounted on the filtering block, it is importante notice that for acid bath, high quality cellulose filtering papers will be used; for alkaline ones it will be necessary the use of PP filtering cloths, whose permeability must be carefully selected.
The right selection of the filter pump and the filtering media allows a double results: the obtaining of defect- free products and the costs reduction due to the less frequent replacement of the filtering media.

OMG is able to supply spare parts as filter papers, carbon filters, PP and Polyestere filter rolls for automatic filter pumps, PP Filter Cloths, PP cartridges, unit pumps equipped with mechanical seal, magnetic entrainment unit pumps for special uses and auxiliary equipment. All the technical skills gained from 1972, high quality products and post-sale support have always led customers with high filtration requirements to choose our products.

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