Since early 1940 Farris Engineering has provided automatic and positive protection against overpressure situations in thousands industrial plants around the world.
Its reputation of “first line of safety” is the result of the company’s constant innovations that finally turned out to become a proven industry standard for pressure relief’s valve design.
Farris provides products and solutions for processing industry, including hydrocarbon processing, refinery, power generation (fossil and nuclear), natural gas production and transmission, pharmaceutical.
Clients of Farris Engineering can rely on total pressure relief’s management solutions providing to ensure the entire plant safety throughout following steps: Design – Thanks to the iPRSM software and to Farris Engineering Services team, clients can design their own pressure relief system to respond to every overpressure scenario Equip – Farris’ full line of spring loaded and pilot operated PRV hardware are essential to protect plants and with 70 years’ experience it’s easy to cope Monitor – with SmartPRV clients can constantly monitor pressure relief valves and leverage of wireless technology Maintain – FAST (Farris Authorized Service Team) keeps relief’s valves with localized aftermarket service and repair assistance Audit – the service team and iPRSM technology will maintain the pressure relief systems audited and within compliance.

Farris has a boasting reputation for producing high quality, durable products and offers a selection of outstanding pressure relief valves guaranteed to provide effective and reliable pressure control. The service is completed by iPRSM , a unique solution for the design, audit and documentation of new and existing pressure relief systems. The ability to automatically calculate multiple applicable scenarios is one of the primary advantages of iPRSM over spreadsheet based calculation tools.
Lira Srl has been proudly representing Farris in Itay since 2015.

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