The new and powerful WEB platform of engineering for the automatic generation of code and documentation of your PLC, HMI and SCADA applications.

FACTORY41 GENERATOR is an innovative engineering tool for the fast development of PLC and SCADA applications based on the main commercial brands. It helps you to surprisingly improve the efficiency of the traditional development cycle of industrial automation applications, making faster the fulfillment of:

•PLC tags declaration and code writing
•SCADA / HMI tags, alarms and trends declaration
•Project documentation writing through a WEB configurator associated with a powerful tool which automatically generates codes and documentation.

It enables you to:
•Improve the efficiency and the organisation of your automation software development cycle
•Adopt a projectual standard for the sofware architecture
•Minimize project times of the whole project lifecycle (engineering, development, commissioning and Start- Up)
•Guarantee the full compliance with international rules, standards, best practices and sector guidelines for the developed projects

The application field extends from projects with a few dozen of I/O to projects with several thousand of I/O, keeping the benefits level resulting from the application utilization unchanged.
Especially the experience of FACTORY41 in the pharmaceutical field with the historical partner Lyo Tech Italia (a company specialized in sale, revamping and maintenance of freeze dryers for pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical scope) has inspired the automatic generation system as it is today. The adoption of the good practices for the development of code and documentation as reference standard for each typology of project is a strategic key point.

The advantage of having an automatic generation system based on:
•a standard software architecture
•default libraries for process components (according to ISA88 and ISA106 standards)
•the compliance of the GAMP5 guidelines of the development cycle and automation system test makes the automatic generation and the reuse of a good part of the code (and of its documentation) of the whole development cycle of a process control application possibile.

The FACTORY41 GENERATOR web application is suitable for different ways of implementation and use to best meet your specific needs, whether you are:
•An Integrator
In addition to the standard version, suitable for generic process control applications, it is possible to implement dedicated versions with different levels of customization in PLC and SCADA brands, software libraries and architectures.

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