Excellence in automatic dispensing systems

Established in 1987, Color Service is an Italian excellence, worldwide leader in the development and  production of automatic dosing systems of powder and liquid products. Our technology is developed to solve problems associated with the manual weighing of products and it is designed with the aim to abandon traditional production methods that inevitably would not allow to get a safe, fast and precise dosing.

With a start in the textile market, thanks to its capillary presence in the worldwide network and years of experience and know-how, Color Service introduced its unique technology into other markets segments such us rubber, tire, cosmetics, plastics and food.

All Color Service dispensing systems are able to guarantee a high production speed that makes the production process repetitive 24/7 and reliable, allowing a “zero defects” production. Thus limiting the human intervention and reducing to zero the risk factors. This innovation marks a significant progress in the optimization and automation of systems and technologies, as well as representing a new and revolutionary product for the market.

All processes of the systems are traceable as well as automatically monitored and data are recorded in the software developed to be user friendly and intuitive.

All Color Service production is entirely made in Italy on three premises (total production area 15.000 sqm, with 160 people working), a unique feature that is synonymous with cutting-edge systems and high technology.

Environmental sustainability is a deeply-felt issue in this sector, often dealing with volatile and dusty material. For this reason Color Service has invested heavily in research and development and is now able to guarantee a completely closed and aspirated system with absolute control of the dust emitted during the weighing and the suction of the product that are recovered and reintroduced into the production cycle with obvious ecological and economic benefits. This system takes particular care to the protection of the operator from the inhalation of harmful dust and from the circulation of the same in the environment.

Color Service designs and manufactures according to the actual needs of their Clients, converting their requirements into cutting-edge solutions, creating and producing innovation, high technology and valued services.

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