SMART GRID by AUTOMA: great pride for the H2O Innovation Award

The 30th edition of Accadueo, the reference event for the water service not only in Italy but also internationally, has just ended. This year the event introduced an exciting new feature for participants: the H2O Innovation Award.

On this occasion, the project Smart Grid by Automa was awarded by the technical-scientific commission of the H2O Innovation Award, a novelty introduced just this year and greeted with great enthusiasm by all participants.

In line with the objectives of increasing safety, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and digitalizing gas distribution networks, Smart Grid by Automa is a project of technological innovation Industry 4.0 that aims at an automated and dynamic management of pressure regulation in the network.

Through remote monitoring and control, both in the Final Reduction Groups and in the termination points, an efficient, totally smart and automated network is obtained. Remote monitoring and control are established technologies in gas distribution networks. The innovative element of our project consists in using the result of the remote monitoring – the measurement – for the remote regulation of the Final Reduction Groups.

The proposed system is therefore interconnected, dynamic and equipped with an intelligent engine with which perform a remote regulation (GOLEM technology) on the basis of what is actually measured (Data-driven management approach).

The main benefits relate to three areas:

  • DIGITALISATION, in terms of acceleration of the Digital and Technological Transformation process both on the Asset Management side (Analytics, Big Data, Centralized remote maintenance, Predictive maintenance) and with regard to Operational Efficiency, understood as an increase in network efficiency and as a reduction in costs;
  • SECURITY, as the possibility of remote intervention in the event of alarms allows immediate action in absolute and total safety without the need to move operational personnel;
  • REDUCTION OF GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS, as the dynamic and automatic regulation of the networks reduces gas losses into the atmosphere, odorant consumption and electricity consumption.

Therefore, the project Smart Grid by Automa generates sustainable returns in the short and long term, in line with the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) issues that are a key component of AUTOMA‘s customers’ investment processes.

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