Chatbot Kim: Get your learners ready for Artificial Intelligence!

In marketing and service, but also in training and development, AI-supported digital assistants and chatbots take on a variety of tasks – 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, worldwide. But chatbots can do more than that: Imagine e.g., a chat that goes beyond mere information by involving the user in a conversation about a special topic – like for example Artificial Intelligence itself!

Kim: A Digital Tutor on AI Kim is designed as a learnbot for companies as well as (higher) education, that gives a basic introduction to AI
for novices. Kim acts as a direct interlocutor for the user by giving short, concise learning sequences about basic concepts of AI, examples of application, the history, and even offering a short quiz. The user keeps maximum autonomy in how deep he or she wants to dive into the
content, as Kim regularly asks back whether to continue or to switch topic. At the same time, Kim encourages the user to learn more, by offering additional information and short side glances on diverse topics, and by asking thought-provoking questions. Kim also offers a rich media experience, incorporating graphics and videos into the dialogue. The example of Kim shows impressively the strengths of learning with chatbots. Compared to many other eLearning methods, the learner is extremely active, after all, the dialogue with the chatbot only continues if you give an answer or a reaction. This is additionally supported by the exploratory character of the dialogue.

Building a relationship with your digital tutor A peculiarity of learning with chatbots and thus also with Kim is the phenomenon that through dialogue one almost inevitably builds a certain relationship with the other person (and thus the bot).
Thanks to a relaxed tone, well-rehearsed anecdotes and numerous comments and queries, the exchange with Kim feels more like a conversation and less like working through a typical learning unit in the style of web-based training. More information about Kim here
(Link to https://www2.time4you.de/ki/kim-en/ )

Since its foundation in 1999, time4you GmbH (Link to https://www.time4you.de/en/home/) has implemented effective solutions for e-learning, personnel development and training based upon their own IBT SERVER software. One of the areas in which time4you is a pioneering
company is in how it utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a digital assistant for learners.
Kim is run by Jix (Link to https://www.jix.ai/en/), an AI solution by time4you designed specifically for developing and running Conversational Learning applications.