Experience and Innovation Since 1963

SICA SpA SpA is the leading Italy-based burner and burner component manufacturer, dealing with the most important firms in the combustion industry and engineering companies all over the World.
Processing thermal steels and a wide range of materials, starting from the metal sheet, SICA SpA manufacture customer-designed burners and their components for the domestic, industrial, marine, power, chemical and petrochemical applications.
With 50 years’ experience in the combustion industry and advanced engineering and R&D departments, SICA SpA assist Customers and offer them a long-lasting expertise during the design phase, product prototyping and the advanced production processes and manufacture.
In order to meet the specific market requirements, SICA SpA can satisfy all the production necessities, from the limited series to the mass production requests.
SICA SPA is expertise and innovation, a perfect managerial and production structure that is always bound to the Total Quality and Technological Vanguard, in order to professionally satisfy the most specific requests from the residential, industrial, marine and petrochemical fields.

The Quality is attested by important Quality Certifications, Know-How, highly skilled Human Resources and high-tech machines which, together with a complete production autonomy and a custom-made product, make the company a protagonist within the burner field, as it is witnessed by the continuous and growing approvals coming from the Italian and International markets.
Today, more and more well-known brands from all over the World recognize SICA SpA as the ideal partner for the fabrication of their burner projects.
The long-lasting entrepreneurial family tradition and the variety of the requests satisfied during the years make SICA SpA unique expertise heritage. This means a manufacture versatility which has no limits in customizing the offer.
The Research and Development underline SICA SpA industrial approach which works as the engine of a constant growth and manufacturing development.
Huge investments are made to find newer and newer solutions and offer the burner specialist market innovative proposals. The search for specific raw materials to the Customers’ design needs, the employment of new technologies in the manufacturing process and the design development answers the company prerogative of maximizing the relation between the product quality and customer’s economic advantages.

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