Designing and building a better future for the planet by supporting the work and growth of our customers

MINA SERVICE SRL operates in the supply of goods and services; it has great ability in: supply of goods, facility , specific equipment, software, service delivery and customer service. The main feature of the company is the ability to take advantage of professionalism and highly skilled workforce with a proven know-how. The quality and the reliability are guaranteed by individual contractual arrangements with its customers, from high availability of the employers and a service of administrative and technical advice available to the customer. Global Service is the integrated service system with which MINA service designs and builds “turnkey” plants, taking care of all matters relevant to their management.
Vision: “Design and build a better future for the planet by supporting the work and growth of our customers”. Mission: “Employ innovative and sustainable resources in favor of our customers and the community, building relationships with customers and suppliers, ensuring safety and protection of health and environment, quality of processes and products, expertise and punctuality in the provision of our services”
Mina offers different kind of services in the Industrial sector and is specializes in “Plant Automation and Energy Distribution”. The company
has an engineering office which carries out the basic engineering development and relative detail.
Engineering & Management Service in a wide range of engineering sectors like construction (civil and industrial), infrastructure (Oil & Gas plant engineering specialists and energy): Design (Architecture, Engineering and Sustainability), Construction (Project & Construction Management) , Management (Global Service and Facility Management).
Industrial Supplies The company is engaged in industrial supplies in all areas, boasting a full range of products and hundreds of manufacturers, both domestic and international.
Hydraulic Oil Filtration Changing hydraulic oil in oil-hydraulic plants is not always necessary. Often filtering the oil, to cleanse it from contaminants,will increase the plant’s life and will protect the automation’s components,like valves and pumps,from dangerous wear. Mina Service,in partnership with the Pall International is able to offer this service quickly,H24 working with experienced staff an advanced machinery.
The Athalon Pall filtration trolley treats hydraulic and lubrificating fluids,removing solid and particulate contamination. The trolley mounts filter elements with a variable removal power according to the needs.
Training Courses
We deliver directly at our offices or locations to be agreed compulsory training as provided by the current legislation.

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