MEP Macchine Elettroniche Piegatrici

MEP GROUP: The Labour as Masterpiece of the Human Life

M.E.P. Macchine Elettroniche Piegatrici S.p.A., founded on February 8th, 1966 is located in Reana del Rojale, UDINE in North-Eastern Italy.
Its activity consists of the ideation, design, prototyping, engineering, manufacturing and marketing of rebar (reinforcing bar)-processing industrial machinery, plants and equipment. MEP is the main leader brand on the global market for civil construction and large public investment works present in 128 Countries.

The MEP GROUP operates in the following segments: cut and bend – rebar processing equipment, cold rolling, straightening, cutting, precast engineering, welding & handling, and downstream engineered production process in mesh welding plants. MEP has been an innovation-based company from the very beginning of its activity, in 1967, with the first worldwide patent of the first stirrup bender machine. Since MEP further improved its strong technological connotation thanks to the essential contribution of the investments in R&D.

The Primary Income Generating Assets, represented by Know-How, Intellectual Property, Technology, Brand and Stakeholder relationships, built over decades of experience in the industry, are now integrated with efficiency, accountability, flexibility and new corporate governance, optimizing the Value for Customers worldwide. Moreover, Client satisfaction is guaranteed by pre and after-sales assistance, customer experience and a strong services platform.
MEP engages in the Technology Solution Provision, meeting all the customer’s needs and requirements as installation, spare parts furniture, in-plant layout, software control and other digital operations in line with the concept of Industry 4.0.
In 2020 MEP GROUP was able to overcome COVID’s diseases through the overall organisation by the Digital Academy inside the MEP Business School with the digitalisation of many processes, the agile work, the smart working, the Sales Digital Streaming replacing the fairs and the visit to the showrooms in the world.
The Company became a Covid Safety Place where to work with sustainable immunity, digitally and physically, with an accurate Corporate Governance’s attitude and ethical positive behaviour.

The fourth Industrial Revolution has permeated the already-existing technological substratum. Instruments such as Virtual Reality, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing are employed in the Group’s daily activities. Although MEP is an innovation and technology-driven company, ultimately the value creation derives from the Human Capital: competence, expertise, passion and know-how of people makes in the words of the MEP CEO – Vito Rotondi – the Labour as Masterpiece of the Human Life. Technology represents an essential tool to empower the human operator, maximizing unexpressed or undervalued potentials.
The avantgarde technological innovation capability represents the primary source of competitive advantage towards global competition, making MEP’s machines able to guarantee both the highest production standard and the finest possible output quality at the same time.
An 80 000 square meter-plant, 128 countries served and 11.000 machines installed worldwide are just some of the numbers testifying MEP’s best-in-class position.

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