Quality and reliability guaranteed by more than thirty years’ experience in the field of CCTV

For over thirty years Globotel Srl has been operating nationally and internationally in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of high-tech remote control and security camera systems. The Rome-based company offers public and private surveillance systems and addresses to activities such as banks, industrial plants, power plants, photovoltaic systems, wind farms, military sites, construction sites, oil and gas facilities, airports, museums, hospitals, schools and universities.
The company’s mission has always aimed at achieving the highest level of safety, developing highly innovative and technologically advanced solutions that adapt to different application needs.
For the Oil&Gas sector, Globotel has developed the WS-NET series, a panorama IP camera system designed for the video surveillance of oil pipelines, power lines, power plants and refineries. The WS-NET system has been developed to overcome all the critical issues in the systems already available on the market in terms of ease of installation, flexibility, environmental impact, security, efficiency and cost-saving.
Globotel WS-NET System is the result of aeronautical engineering technology and Made in Italy design, as well as a strong collaboration with the R&D divisions of the leading surveillance equipment manufacturers.
From a technical point of view, Globotel WS-NET consists of a five-metre tower with a special dome at the top containing all the IT and telematic remote control equipment. Being thermostated and self-powered, the dome can operate at full capacity even in case of a power outage with a maximum autonomy of 48 hours, ensuring real protection from tampering, destruction and sabotage.
The system also presents some unique features, such as the intelligent video image analysis system, with extremely high-security functions. It is made up of a network of active sensors and sophisticated 360° HD cameras. The sensors, connected wirelessly and/or wired to the remote control stations, can detect with absolute precision any intrusion attempt in the controlled area. The cameras are located in the lower part of the dome and allow Globotel WS-NET to store images and videos in HD digital format, with significant benefits in terms of reliability and capacity. The storage of images and security data is managed by terminals, equipped with special software, to identify the nature of the alarms in real-time with extreme precision. The same data can be managed by palmtops supplied to police officers for operational management distributed throughout the territory.
Finally, since Globotel is suitable for a great number of applications, the WS-NET station can also be customised according to the specific location with a lot of chromatic options and style possibilities to ensure complete integration with the surrounding environment.
Globotel technology for the oil&gas sector monitoring oil pipelines, power lines, power stations and refineries guarantees high safety, flexibility and reliability thanks to the Made in Italy excellence.