Despite the global impact of the pandemic, this years were not bad. The uncertainty due to this unprecedented period has slowed down some decisions, especially for big projects. In parallel, in the mining Industry, the price of some metals increased and some investments (in particular for Gold projects) have accelerated. Aluminium Industry, Construction & Demolition wastes and Power plants have been other sectors generating jobs and business for our Company. In these months we started manufacturing the biggest filter press in the World. The GHT.5000.F for the dewatering of large capacities for tailings filtration. This product is the result of our industry experience over the course of the last twenty years, as process facilities have increased in size and throughput tonnage. Large capacities would require a significant number of filtration lines with “standard” sizes and affecting the overall attractiveness of the investments. The direction of a bigger size of plates is then reducing the number of the filtration lines and improving the economics of the projects. For example, we’ve gone from a standard 2 x 2 m plate size to 2.5 x 2.5 m, and with our GHT.5000.F, we now have a plate size of 5 x 5 m. The GHT.5000.F will have 141 of these plates. It is 37 m long, more than 9.5 m wide and about 6 m high. The manufacturing is ongoing and planned to be completed by Fall 2021. The company will launch this model through a virtual event on line. Customers are looking for a partner cooperating and helping with our experience and competence in dewatering technologies. A constructive dialogue is requested. The expectations are high and it is fundamental to be in position to work as a Team with the several stakeholders involved. In particular, one of the key parts of our project, is to have a clear understanding of the process. When possible, we want to conduct testing campaigns on representative samples so that we are in position to confirm the sizing and also the expected performances. We can certainly appreciate that the level of education and preparation of the clients is improving. On our hands we have developed our units in order to improve the level of automation as well as the maintenance. Especially for big projects the client are not only looking at the Capital Investment but they are carefully considering the Operational Costs and, overall, the Total Cost of Ownership. In particular we started designing some models “smart” filter presses working within the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT. We think that the opportunity to compile data on a constant basis from its operations will result in better maintenance planning decisions and lower operating costs for the customer. In addition, with the IIoT we intend to maximize the efficiency of the process as well as optimizing the Power consumptions. The impact of the pandemic has definitely changed our usual routine and the technology has helped a lot and accelerated our digital transformation. This does not mean that, whenever is possible, we would like again to start human interactions and continue to grow by putting our competence at client’s service!

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