Taumac Your Automation Solution

TAUMAC is a recently established company but with thirty years of experience in the fields of automation and laser applications.

The company was born, as Guido Gamba CEO of TAUMAC and technician with great experience in these technologies explains, to offer its customers machines and automations for markets such as goldsmith, fashion, eyewear, dental, medical, mechanical precision, automotive.

The focus of its activity is the Customer, to whom it dedicates itself with quality products: customized products with a “tailor made” approach, pre and post sales consultancy and technical assistance.

Experienced and trained technicians in the field of automation and with thirty years of experience in laser marking, cutting and laser micro-cutting and welding applications are ready to analyze your business problems, discussing and sharing the most suitable solutions with you.

TAUMAC can offer single and standard machines as well as customized machines according to the customer’s needs. This means analyzing the production context and the objectives that the customer intends to achieve by proposing solutions that are perfectly integrated into the automated production process.

An important step in defining the order is the discussion of the required characteristics, for this reason the inter action with the Customer is stimulated, so that the same can participate in the customization process and that he knows exactly what the machine will produce and with what performance.

The guarantee of product care and fast and qualified after-sales assistance is its added value and our customer is an integral part of our future.

From design to production, installation, technical assistance for automatisms, systems, machinery, mechanical, electronic, mechanical-optical equipment and software, all stages are developed internally.

Considering the numerous types of lasers and materials used: metals, plastics, organic materials, the choice of the laser and the source used (IR fiber, Green, UV, CO2) becomes decisive in order to make an optimal choice.

The software is developed internally in both 2D and 3D environments and can be customized according to customer needs. The operator interface also allows the management of the processes during operation.

In Warehouse products, pallets can contain different objects, with loading / unloading even during operation.

The work cycle is not manned when in automatic. It is possible to remotely monitor and consult a report of the work performed.

A high-performance PC is supplied with each supply. TAUMAC automations can be made with “Pick & Place” systems, conveyor belts, rotary tables, vertical warehouses and with robot systems. All this to allow integration into the business processes of assembly, coding, marking, welding and cutting with the aid of a laser source. Vision systems for robot guidance, quality control, dimensional control and automatic centering of the piece, which can be installed on laser marking systems.

All the machines and systems proposed by TAUMAC are certified for investments in material assets for << Indus- try 4.O >>.

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