STEGO CONNECT: the IIOT PLATFORM for very enterprise

STEGO CONNECT is the first IIoT platform on the market that has adopted IO-Link as its networking standard and is specifically tailored to the needs of every business: SMEs or large enterprises.

Rather than having to abandon any networking structures already in place in their factory hall, warehouse or elsewhere in industrial operations, they can make them the basis for their STEGOCONNECT IIoT applications as well.

The best word to describe STEGOCONNECT is “Easy!”:

•Easy to connect: STEGO CONNECT makes it easy to connect physical devices with the virtual world. Digitalisation and IIoT works in an instant, and it works with any IO-Link device – from any manufacturer. Simply plug in and your devices are connected. Welcome to the Industrial Internet of Things!

•Monitoring made easy: STEGO CONNECT enables you to collect valuable data and monitor the functionality of connected devices, any time and any place. In this way is easy to avoid any failures and subsequent problems.

•Easy and effortless control over everything: STEGO CONNECT allows designated staff to respond to events or alerts, regardless of their location. Connected devices can be controlled centrally. The need for on-site presence becomes a thing of the past for parametrisation, configuration, control and, not least, system and application automation. Freely-configurable dashboards, alerts and workflows give you, as a user of STEGO CONNECT, full control.

With STEGO CONNECT, IIoT applications are now a real and feasible option for SMEs as well. Since the devices at the edge are networked via IO-Link and connected to the central cloud via edge box, existing network infrastructures in the industrial environment can usually be retained. At the same time, STEGO CONNECT allows sensor-actuator networking via workflows, without complex programming. Indeed, even coding novices can design such workflows using drag & drop functionality. All in all,

STEGO CONNECT offers countless options for building IIoT systems, as in principle all IO-Link components can be connected in any number of different configurations to form systems that are adapted to the respective individual use case. The modern cloud-edge infrastructure established via the edge boxes saves costs, reduces latencies and ensures that processes still run even if there is no connection to the remote cloud data centre.


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