Your Certification Company for Russia and EAEU countries

Rustek offers companies all over the world, exporting technical goods to Russia and other EAEU countries (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan), a comprehensive range of certification services to ensure their compliance with the applicable standards.

For over twenty years we have specialized in the certification of products and equipment for process industries in the oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical and energy sectors.

If your product is of a technical nature and operates in a high pressure/ high temperature environment or is exposed to potentially dangerous fluids, certification is mandatory for the EAEU countries. In many cases you will need a Certificate or a Declaration of Conformity to Customs Union Technical Regulations (CU/EAEU TR), stating that your product conforms to the unified standards of the Eurasian Economic Union and can be imported into the EAEU countries.

Certification procedures in EAEU countries can be bureaucratic and complex.

By using Rustek, our customers obtain targeted, competent and economically competitive advice through a single source.

Our mission is to provide an “all inclusive” service.

We work with reputable Russian certification bodies and specialized laboratories in different fields, to provide a wide range of certification services.
With our fluent English speaking Project Managers, our customers are assisted in every step of the process, including inspection and production tests.

We offer:
•Consultancy in all matters of certification for the EAEU countries
•Declarations and certificates of conformity CU/EAEU TR
•Permit to Use for Kazakhstan
•Assistance with preparation of Technical Passports and other manufacturer’s documents
•Letters of Exemption
•Translations English/Russian and English/Kazakh

If you have a contract for delivery to these countries or you are bidding/negotiating such contracts, we are ready to assist you in every step from our branches in Switzerland, UK and Russia.

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