Pedrotec Srl deals from over 40 years in pneumatic fenders market

Pneumatic Fenders in Offshore service Pedrotec Srl deals from over 40 years in pneumatic fenders market, from sales to rent ,as well as ,on site installation, assistance and repair.

Anything related to the after sale services for pneumatic fenders is our daily business.

We started using aircraft tires instead of standard truck tires over 20 years ago to increase the chain net resistance fender body protection and life as well as stand-off, and we keep being pioneers for innovative solutions for a better pneumatic fenders operational performance.
In the last 10 years a special attention has been given to the offshore fenders operations and their weak points.

TWISTER Anti-rotating towing ring
A pneumatic fender rotates a little at every wave, a fiber rope usually has not enough torque to keep the fender in position, and after several complete revolutions the mooring rope starts self destroying or fouling in case of a double mooring line or when both lifting and mooring lines are connected to the fender.
Our Twister has been designed to keep the mooring and/ or lifting ropes permanently in the same position.

RMU (Remote Monitoring Unit)
A pneumatic fender would need maintenance and care just like a car or a truck tire, and even more being one of the most critical elements in a ship to ship and most of offshore operations.
Technology is today helping drivers telling the pressure condition of tires by mean of pressure sensors instead of a manual periodical checking, and of course manual pressure check of a pneumatic fender offshore is much more difficult and expensive than what on a car tire is.
Our RMU (Remote Monitoring Unit) regularly gives pneumatic fender pressure condition and position by mean of a GPS unit with an integrated pressure sensor.
Access to datas is possible wherever you have an internet connection receiving regularly pressure and geo position of the unit.
Position of the fender is needed if the fender is lost due to mooring lines failure.
The unit is customized to fit in any fender brand for new installation or retrofit.

Like all other equipment in service in these severe conditions pneumatic fender as well need regular maintenance and sometimes repairs to avoid accidents and failures when in service.

We can provide on site inspections, rubber body and chain protection repairs as well as safety valves testing, maintenance and certification for all major manufacturers.

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