Meccanica Nicoletti

Meccanica Nicoletti: cable winders and unwinders

Excellence is the result of a serious and coherent work between professionals with a passion for innovation, always searching for new ideas to improve the product.

A study in technological innovation, in the security of use and the quality and reliability of the instrumentation supplied.

This is Meccanica Nicoletti.

That’s why, in a short time, we have revolutionized the field of winding and unwinding the cables, improving the production methods of our customers, reaching the world leadership in the production of fully automated handling equipment up to 500 m/min.
High quality performance and, above all, a high level of customization with solutions to meet every processing need, thanks to the advanced dedicated design.
At Meccanica Nicoletti, design is a value in the hands of highly skilled staff, consolidated thanks to the high corporate know-how developed over time.

To exceed the expectations is always possible if there is a possibility to provide customized machines, adaptable to your needs.

We are able to provide this service and support you timely all around the world with our technicians direct at place or by remote service through connecting to the machine software. Project and customer care are also available with Nicoletti, excellence in performance.
Meccanica Nicoletti manufacture equipment able to be interfaced with your ERP/SAP for order lists uploading and worked file downloading in automatic way. All in line with the current integrated world.

Project and service complete the Nicoletti offer with high performance of excellence.

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