LIRA SRL – Since 1989 Competent and Reliable Partner for process instrumentation, valves and integrated systems

Lira srl has been present for over three decades in the Italian industrial market and in public and private research, both as a representative and distributor of leading manufacturers of process instrumentation and valves; and as a competent and well established reference for the maintenance and calibration of flow meters for laboratory application. Including the metrology verification according to the ISO-17025 standard.
Some of our represented companies such as Brooks Instrument, Bliss Anand, Brodie International and Farris Engineering (Curtiss-Wright Group) are stable presences in the international vendor lists and consequently almost always considered by the large EPC companies as an integral part of their projects.

Brooks Instrument
Variable Area Flowmeters with glass tube and metal tube suitable for the most demanding applications in difficult environments such as off-shore platforms. Brooks also has a complete range of electronic flow meters / controllers based on both Thermal effect and Coriolis effect, appreciated and in use in the vast majority of Italian laboratories and industries, included the Biotech and the Semiconductor ones.

Bliss Anand
Magnetic Level Gauges, Glass Level Gauges, Level Switches, Sight Glasses manufactured in its factories located in India, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Europe and USA. BLISS has most of the certifications and approvals globally required, including the one recently awarded by Saudi Aramco.

Brodie International

Positive Displacement Flow Meters for fuels (Birotor-Plus) are the global reference for the characteristics of high measurement accuracy (+/- 0.075% o.r.) and longterm calibration stability. The piston valves for flow delivery (BV88) are the only ones to guarantee a linear flow profile starting from low flow rates up to maximum capacity and vice versa.

Farris Engineering
“The last line of safety”. Farris is one of the World Leaders in the manufacture of Pressure Safety Valves according to API / ASME directive, much appreciated by end users and engineering companies for its quality and constructional robustness, a guarantee of long-term performance.

They produces a mechanical valve designed to prevent the release of dangerous fluids, liquid or gaseous, into the environment due to a possible breakage of the distribution pipes of the same. In Italy it becomes almost mandatory to use it to revamp plants according to the “Seveso III” legislation.

Lira srl is also present in the Energy market, with Heat Meters for residential and industrial applications (Micronics). This last instrumentation, also in MID compliance, is very useful to support the Energy Managers of the various industrial realities in their activity of analyzing the thermal dispersion of the plants and heat management, being designed mostly for mounting outside the pipes.

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