Grazioli Cesare

Grazioli Cesare srl: Made in Italy high quality essence
Decades of experience in the field of customized automation

Grazioli Cesare Srl is an Italian family business founded in 1962 that operates worldwide in industrial automation and agricultural components sectors.
From the beginning, our company has been founded on reliability, flexibility, punctuality, strengths that we still carry forward with pride.
Our assistance services ensure the profitability of the production plants supplied to our customers, ensuring fast reply remote connection of on site assistance if needed.
Our mission is to provide the tube processing industry with system, processes, technologies and automations to generate quality at the lowest production cost.
Our state of the heart machineries are guaranteed by continuous technical studies and by the high level of automation. Customisation of equipment is essential: to produce the deformations desired by our clients.

Grazioli Group’s goal is to improve our production process constantly.
To do so we design advanced-tech facilities and we produce machines that guarantee the requested performance.
The “Deformer 8P” is our best-selling piece. It is designed to provide our clients great flexibility during the production cycles. “Deformer 8P” production changes by using a fast connection on the tools used.
This machinery can perform several different operations, e.g. deformation, cut, rolling and threading, without chips removal.

We have been producing for over 50 years innovative machineries and equipment used in the deformations of steel tubes and of non-ferrous material. Grazioli Cesare Srl produces also custom-built machines responding to the different markets needs. We provide high-tech equipment with top quality service.

Our positive and productive world environment, with a motivational creative atmosphere enables our team members to thrive!

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