GEA Srl – Elettra Investimenti Group

GEA is a recognized leader in cogeneration, fully supporting its clients in the design, installation, and operations of combined heat & power plants. We deploy different technological applications from engines to gas turbines. We apply our excellent know-how to help our customers to save energy and reduce emissions to the environment, by developing both traditional natural gas and renewable/circular energy solutions, i.e., biogas, vegetable oil or exhaust gas.

We are a full quality certified operator (ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 50001, OHSAS 18001, SOA OG9) a key requirement both for us and our clients, which are among the main national Italian utilities and power generators.

In 2018 we become part of Elettra Investimenti Group, one of the main Italian players in the field of distributed generation and energy efficiency solutions. Elettra not only is able to design, build and operate your assets but can also finance their realizations through our so called “Formula ESCo”. Together with Elettra we keep growing, confirming our story of success in creating value for our clients thorough bespoken solutions on their needs.

In 2020 our Group realized a turnover of around 60 M€ by managing an assets portfolio of 140 MW (of which about 30% directly owned).

GEA operates CHP assets for several companies in the pharmaceutical, food and cold chain sectors, in addition to shopping centers and district heating plants. We run O&M ordinary and extraordinary activities for over 80 plants and 100 engines throughout all the national territory, thanks to our workshops located across Italy (Bologna, Viterbo, Latina, Biella and Rieti).

As for EPC (Turnkey) contracts, we provide solutions where all details are taken into full consideration to assure the maximum reliability and the minimum cost in the energy supply. Each technical solution is defined by our internal engineering teams, based in Rome and Latina, in order to assure their best future maintenance activity with the highest asset technical quality during their lifetime.

Our main assets class references:

  • Construction of cogeneration and trigeneration plants with internal combustion engines and combined cycles
  • Realization of peaking power units
  • Revamping of existing plants
  • Design and construction of anaerobic digestion plants

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