FC Oleoidraulica

FC Oleoidraulica actuators are the solution to many rotary drive problems, for example valves, rotary arms, robots etc.

Rotary actuators replace many rotary drives currently made with cylinder and crank.

The most important advantages are compactness and reliability and protection from atmospheric agents and corrosive liquids. Absence of the danger of injury typical of solutions with cylinder and crank.

The rotation angle starts from 90 ° up to 270 °. Our actuators are designed to withstand maximum pressures of 350 BAR (5000 psi) without having irreversible damage.

The maximum recommended service pressure is 250 BAR (3600 psi).
Above 500 BAR (7250 psi) the screws of the closing cover could fail, but thanks to their strength they can still be repaired by simply replacing the gaskets and screws.
Since it is impossible to foresee every single application we can produce actuators with flanging and shaft as requested by the customer.
The figure illustrates some custom actuator types.
Our range of actuators FC Oleoidraulica (www.fc-oleo.com) is divided into groups defined by the torque output at 100 BAR (1450 psi) and 250BAR (3600 psi) as follows:

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