Produce and install at the service of efficiency

Experience, reliability, innovation: wherever energy is required, we are capable of producing and managing it with the right installation suitable for every need.
We were established close to Padua in 1974, but we operate in the whole world. We control the entire production chain and are able to make energy systems on a global scale,we use state of the art technology for privates, investors, public companies and businesses of every sector or dimension.

Engaged in the wind industry since 2011, in just 18 months we gave birth to the FX Series, a line of wind turbines entirely developed and produced in our workshops.
Since then, we have not stopped investing in productive competencies and technologies to broaden this selection of wind turbines of the highest quality, revitalizing the market and becoming, in just a few years, a point of reference for the sector.

The gathered experience in designing and realizing electric plants and industrial automation systems, acquired since 1974, was of fundamental importance for the realization of CHiP50, our co-generator dedicated to small and medium size businesses which require thermal and electrical energy.

Since 2003 we have installed photovoltaic systems of every type and size: small domestic and artisanal plants, solutions for industrial factories and large ground-mounted plants for the injection of produced energy to the grid.
Our solutions are characterized by high performance and reliability over time, two essential factors in order to reduce energy costs and to optimize the investment.

Our entrepreneurial history begun with the installation of industrial electric plants, an activity that represents a fundamental and pivotal aspect of our growth to this day. Today, we are able to operate for businesses of all sizes and are proud of several success stories in almost every productive sector, such as food, textile, mechanical, plastic and paper industries, among others.

We were among the first in Italy to believe in the potentiality of off-grid systems and since 2005 we have realized electric systems that work independently from a connection to power grids. An optimal solution to bring energy to those places which are remote and hard to reach, such as high mountain locations or islands, off-grid plants prove to be very effective even in overcoming black-outs due to calamities and emergencies or to stabilize energy supplies to locations which a poorly served by the power grid.

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